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We can discuss our fantastic prices, our custom wavefront treatments and excellent technology, our complete and unwavering dedication to patient safety but at the end of the day it is the results that count. Here you will find videos and comments from people who have changed their lives and sight after coming to FOCUS.

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Andreas / Z-LASIK, June 26th 2014

In one word, "brilliant!"

Definitely recommend Focus to family and friends. Very professional from stage 1 to finish. Also top surgeons, that know what they are doing when it comes to laser eye surgery.

If in doubt, don't be, visit FOCUS!

Rich / Z-LASEK, June 17th 2014

Good vision is required for the work that I do and my eyes did not take well to contact lenses. A friend of mine recommended FOCUS, he said how great the team was and how they put your needs first and take great care of you.

I booked a consultation and was thoroughly impressed from the moment I arrived, the checks they carried out were detailed not just practically involving my eyes but in identifying my lifestyle needs, as a result of this due to the activities I undertake I was advised that LASEK would be best suited. Everything was fully explained to me from the procedure to the aftercare, what to expect on the day of surgery right up to the 12 month check up afterwards.

No decision was asked of me during consultation I was advised to think over what had been discussed and they would contact me in a couple of days after I had time to think to ensure I was not pressurised into making any decision.

The day of surgery I was naturally nervous, however the team were very professional and caring and put me at ease they explained to me and my partner what drops to take and when to take them and made sure I was happy with the information I had received. The whole procedure itself lasted less than than ten minutes and the time the laser was in contact with my eye was only seconds.

I was advised for the first few days I would feel discomfort prior to returning on the third day for the contact lens being removed. I did not feel any pain during the recovery phase as anticipated and when I had the lens removed on the third day my eye had healed over.

Within a week my vision was fantastic I could read number plates on cars and street signs at distance. The team at FOCUS continued with their excellent care on my follow up checks even to this day 12 months after surgery. My vision is perfect which makes work and life  so much easier.

I would thoroughly recommend FOCUS to anyone, if you are considering laser eye treatment you will find out everything you need to know at consultation.

Franca / Z-LASIK

I was recommended by a friend who had also had her eyes corrected through Focus, although I was still very nervous about making the decision after wearing glasses and contact lenses for over 30 Years,  after my consultation I was very satisfied  with the checks and friendly staff and therefore took the option to have my short sighted corrected.

The Team at Focus are excellent from Emma who took me through all the process to Lisa on reception who is always smiling and helpful on all my check ups to Hannah who took me through with her colleague and David Allamby who conducted the procedure.

I am very pleased with the First class service that you have provided, to a great team!
I would highly recommend Focus to any of my friends and colleagues as right from the start to the aftercare you are have been fantastic.

(I had my eyes done 3 Month's ago 28/2/14)

Paul / Z-LASIK, May 21st 2014

I just want to thank the team at FOCUS for an amazing life changing experience by getting my eyes corrected with them. I now have better than 20/20 vision and the clarity with which I can see everything is incredible.

I had worn contact lens for 17 years since the age of 13 and it had become a huge frustration with some of the limitations of using them in daily life, such as going swimming or just having taking them out at night etc but now that no longer is an issue which is a massive plus for me.

The team at FOCUS all put you at ease with a relaxing and non pressured approach, are incredibly informative and professional with all the information given and answer any questions you have in great detail, so you can be sure that you made the right decision in going ahead with the treatment.

Just want to thank Mr Ali Mearza especially who did the procedure, for giving me such an amazing result, I couldn't recommend this highly enough to anyone who is considering having it done, waking up the day after and seeing for the first time with perfect vision is something that can only be appreciated for yourself.

Amir / Z-LASEK, May 20th 2014


I had worn glasses since my teens and now not having to wear glasses or contact lenses has changed my life completely.

My eyes feel much healthier for not wearing contacts and not having to wear glasses is great. I can actually see things when I go swimming! My vision is great, its like seeing in HD now!

The care at Focus was outstanding from the first day to the treatment and aftercare. All the staff are professional, friendly and I would highly recommend Focus for anyone considering laser eye treatment.

Abi / Z-LASIK, May 15th 2014

I've worn glasses since I was 4 years old and was recommended to Focus by my boyfriend who had laser eye surgery two years ago. I've wanted laser since I was 12 years old and finally decided it was time to have the procedure done. I must admit I was very nervous but the staff at Focus really put me at ease before, during and after the procedure, not to mention the excellent after care service.

My prescription was -8 and I now have better than 20/20 vision. I couldn't have asked for a better result and 3 months on my lifestyle has completely changed. I'm now looking forward to a holiday in Italy where I can jump in the swimming pool without worrying about getting chlorine in my contact lenses!

Romy / Z-LASIK, May 13th 2014

Getting laser eye surgery is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Focus were efficient and the process was very smooth and easy. The staff made me feel at ease and I had no trouble at all. The procedure was relatively short and I could see subtitles on the television screen right after walking out of the room.

Seven months later, my vision is better than ever! I am very grateful to Focus for my invaluable treatment.

Chris / Blended Vision, May 12th 2014

I had my laser treatment almost a month ago and am really pleased with it so far.  I had no pain at all just a bit of light sensitivity for a couple of hours afterwards I didn't need the anaesthetic drops at all.

My close vision is great and I can read almost anything now - my distance vision is still a bit fuzzy in some artificial light but this is to be expected.

All the staff are very professional and very reassuring about the procedure, I felt they advised me very well and didn't just go for the most expensive option (which was what I originally wanted!!).

All in all I am very pleased so far and would recommend Focus to anybody thinking of having laser treatment.  Thank you to Mr Allamby and all your staff. X

David / Blended Vision, May 11th 2014

I chose Focus based on the excellent recommendations and reviews I had seen online and had not hesitation choosing a London based clinic even though I live in Nottingham.

I can only endorse the positive feedback - the whole process from initial consultation has been incredibly smooth and the entire team at Focus are thoroughly professional, supportive and friendly.

As regards the actual treatment, the results were almost immediate, the side effects nowhere near as bad as I had imagined and I was comfortable not wearing my glasses the next day. The 24 hour post operation check up showed I had almost perfect 20:10 vision. David Allamby is incredibly knowledgeable and told me things about my prescription and condition I had never had explained by standard opticians. As a result he was able to fine tune my treatment to give the optimal result.

I have always suffered with dry eyes and was concerned about the impact on this of laser surgery but now 2 months after the procedure my dry eyes are no worse than before and I comfortably manage the issue with eye drops a couple of times a day. The follow up consultations are very thorough and a real indication that Focus care about the long term result for the patient.

I would thoroughly recommend Focus and the Blended Vision procedure and have already advised friends that it is worth the additional cost and time to travel from outside London for treatment.

Steven / Z-LASIK, May 9th 2014

After a lot of research on the Internet I decided to choose Focus because of the thorough consultation process up-front - to make sure that my eyes were suitable. I'd rather be told I'm not suitable than have the surgery and find out afterwards!

The consultation was indeed thorough and information explained in a clear way.

On the day of surgery there was the nervous feeling but the staff were excellent at making you feel at ease throughout.

The surgery itself was quick. Each eye seemed to only take a minute or two.  It's slightly uncomfortable but in no way painful.

The first hour after the surgery felt a bit like getting BBQ smoke in your eyes. After an hour the stinging went and my vision was already up to 20/20.

The first week there's a selection of drops to put in the eyes which are simple to apply. There is some build up of dried crustiness around the eyelashes just at the time when you can't rub your eyes. That was probably the worst bit of the whole experience - not exactly a major issue!

The healing process was quick and went smoothly to the point I'd forgotten about my 1 month checkup.

The staff at Focus are excellent - professional and friendly, efficient yet not rushed.
I would recommend Focus especially because I'm convinced that the consultation process up front is thorough enough to ensure suitability before treatment begins.