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We can discuss our fantastic prices, our custom wavefront treatments and excellent technology, our complete and unwavering dedication to patient safety but at the end of the day it is the results that count. Here you will find videos and comments from people who have changed their lives and sight after coming to FOCUS.

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Lorraine / Z-LASIK, April 16th 2014


After having perfect vision until my late twenties, shortsightedness set in gradually.I wore contact lenses for a decade without problems, then after the age of 40 I developed dry eyes and could only tolerate contacts for 4-5 hours per day - which I suspected would get less the more I aged.

So the decision was made to go for laser surgery - I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My Z-LASIK surgery was one week ago and from the morning after my vision is amazing - I can see with great clarity, even better than 20/20!

The team at Focus could not have been more professional, helpful, friendly and competent. Each stage was explained fully and all questions answered. David Allamby was very down to earth and everyone made the procedure as easy as possible - throughout the process Focus always made you feel you were getting the best treatment possible.

Laser surgery is maybe not for the faint hearted, but it literally took less than four minutes per eye - not a lot really for a lifetime of freedom from glasses!

Sophie / Z-LASIK, April 7th 2014

Carolin / Z-LASIK, April 1st 2014

Charlie / Mini Blended Vision, March 31st 2014

Fiona / Blended Vision, March 21st 2014

Natasha / Z-LASIK, March 12th 2014


Katy / Z-LASEK, February 18th 2014


Just been to my one month checkup and am amazed to find I have 20/12 vision! The whole experience has been great. The procedure itself is quite a scary 8 minutes so knowing how efficient and well done the pre-op work up had been was very reassuring.

Having the LASEK rather than the LASIK was quite a tough decision but I went for it because I had a recurrent corneal erosion. The first few days were a little bit sore, but the staff at focus were very reassuring and we're completely right that within a week I was feeling loads better. Loving not waking up to painful and dry eyes as well as great vision!
Would highly recommend focus, and would also say if for any reason LASEK seems to be more the procedure for you, then don't be put off by the post-op recovery, its certainly not unmanageable and passes very quickly.

Adam Pitts / Z-LASIK, February 13th 2014

Gabriel / Z-LASIK, February 11th 2014


Everything about the experience was fantastic. Pre- and after care was exhaustive with plenty of time for questions and support. Procedure itself couldn't have gone smoother and was over amazingly quickly. Immediately noticed improvement in vision despite the obvious blurriness and any discomfort went very quickly. Wholeheartedly recommend!

Dean / Blended Vision, February 8th 2014


All the staff at Focus Clinics have been friendly and welcoming from day one.

The procedure itself was a little uncomfortable but over very quickly. Vision was good almost instantly. The following four hours or so were uncomfortable and getting used to the numerous drops routine was a bit challenging. The next morning at my first checkup my vision was already better than 20/20. Apart from dryness of the eyes I haven't really had any major problems.

I am a season ticket holder at Norwich F.C. And my real WOW moment came when I went to my first match two weeks after surgery. It was like watching in HD and I could read all the detail on the advertising at the far end of the pitch. I would recommend Focus Clinics to anyone thinking of having laser surgery.