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We can discuss our precision treatments and state-of-the-art technology, our complete and unwavering dedication to patient safety, but at the end of the day it is the vision results that count.

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Here you will find videos and comments from people who have changed their lives and sight after coming to Focus.

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Liz / Z – LASIK, February 17th 2015

Excellent service and better than 20/20 vision!

Chris / Z-LASIK Blended Vision, February 10th 2015




In my mid forties it became apparent that I needed glasses for reading, I found it very difficult adapting to glasses and eight years on, decided it was time to get rid of them.

I had never heard of blended vision and didn't know if it was even possible to have age related, laser eye surgery. Over the next six months I researched loads of websites and clinics and came across Focus Clinics by chance. I asked for their information pack and read various reviews on the clinic and surgeons. I called them to discuss the options and after a brief medical questionnaire they told me it was likely that I could have laser eye surgery. There was no pressure to book an appointment and a few days later, I called back to make an appointment.

My first consultation at the clinic lasted about an hour and half and was probably the most thorough eye test I had ever had. I was told at the end, I had two options but the best one for me was probably blended vision. The cost and the complete process was then explained in detail. I left the clinic with out any pressure. A few weeks later I booked my treatment for a months time and asked if David Allamby could perform the surgery.  I was offered the chance to return to the clinic to meet David and discuss any concerns the week before.

The day of my treatment was like all the rest, although I was extremely nervous the team made you feel very welcome and relaxed. After another final check I was ready, the whole laser process took around ten minute, I sat up after the procedure and was amazed how well I could already see and how little discomfort there was.  I returned the following day for a check up and could already see better than the day before with my glasses on.

I cannot recommend the clinic enough, if I had to do it all again, I would not hesitate in going back tomorrow.  David and all his team are extremely professional and absolutely amazing. I now have my eyes back again. Thank you so much.

Alex / Z-LASIK, January 20th 2015

Where do I start... My two brothers (Andrew and Kris) and I decided to have laser eye surgery - referring each other. Mine and Kris' glasses prescriptions weren't too bad (around -1.25) but it was bad enough with an astigmatism that I couldn't see clearly without the need for glasses. Andrew was blind... well not really blind but his vision was a lot worse than ours (-6.0). After a lot of research we decided Focus Clinics was right for us. Even though we are from the North East we thought the travel and expense was worth it - our eye sight didn't seem a sensible place to cut corners.

I felt that wearing glasses was restrictive. I didn't like wearing them at all and I never got used to wearing them. I felt as though I couldn't fully enjoy participating in sports and found them a real pain on holidays such as at the beach and going in the sea. Having had the surgery this is no longer an issue.

The surgery was a bit of a daunting experience but the expectation was worse than the reality. I couldn't believe how quick the process was, the efficiency of the team really showed here which was reassuring.

We would say to anyone that is considering surgery to go for it, but do their research first! Chances are if they do they will end up here. All three of us wouldn't hesitate to recommend Focus - we have all achieved better than 20/20 vision with no post surgery issues experienced.

Many thanks to all the team at Focus.

Poppy / Z-LASIK, January 8th 2015







After deciding I wanted laser eye surgery I went for consultation at several eye clinics. I picked Focus because the staff made me feel the most ease from my first consultation appointment and I never felt pressured into choosing them. I have been pleased with my Focus experience from start to finish. The friendly supportive staff have continued to keep me well informed throughout the process.

The procedure itself was conducted professionally and Mr. Allamby was incredibly thorough. It was much quicker than I expected (4.5 minutes per eye) and the results were instant! I experienced a gritty eye feeling for the rest of the day, but when I awoke the next day my eyes felt fine. It has already made a huge difference to my lifestyle, as a keen sports person it is great to be able to finally see the swimming pool! Waking up in the morning and not having to fumble for my glasses is still a surprise a month on!

I would recommend focus to anyone looking to have laser eye surgery. The staff made me feel confident and I would like to thanks them for making my experience so smooth and enjoyable. Thanks Focus!

Gillian / Blended Vision


I can highly recommend the Blended Vision treatment at FOCUS.

My prescription was -1.75 (distance) and + 1.50 (near vision) - I have been wearing glasses since I was 22 and contact lenses for about 20 years. I was nervous but very keen to have the procedure done.

From start to finish the team at FOCUS come across as very professional but also warm and friendly and helpful and above all, very thorough.

FOCUS don't do work that is unnecessary to do, so as I am in my 50's where my near sight will continue to deteriorate over the next 5-8 years, they recommended that I only have my right eye operated on to improve my distance vision at this time. They explained that if I had the treatment on my left eye at this stage that I would only have to have the procedure repeated later in my 50's and also assured me that operating on right eye would also allow me to have a better mid range which would help my near sight anyway.
This also meant that my recovery time would be quicker.

I met David Allamby on the day of the operation (I could have met him before but opted to meet him on the day). We had plenty of time together to review all my results and discuss the procedure in detail. He also explained that his percentages for eye correction are higher than his direct competitors (I believe he achieves 98% to 20/16 - which is better than 20/20 vision!- amazing!). He made me feel like I was in really safe hands and was sympathetic to my pre-op nerves.

The operation only took 3 minutes as I had only one eye treated. It didn't hurt and I had 20/20 vision back within 5 minutes and took the train home. My eye was a little sore for the afternoon but I was able to watch TV and use my phone and iPad later that day.
The follow up care is very good, with plenty of checks and clear instructions for do's and dont's.

I am very pleased with the improvement to my distance vision and also how easily I have got used to blending the sight of both eyes for doing everything.

In summary I have been totally delighted by the whole process and I am currently recommending David and the team at FOCUS to all my friends who are considering laser treatment. It really is worth that little bit extra to know that you have the one of best surgeons in the world performing your operation.

Thank you David and all the team at FOCUS!

Roy / Blended Vision, November 19th 2014


I cannot thank all the staff at  FOCUS enough.  I had my laser eye surgery done in October 2013 and now one year on I can honestly say (apart from marrying my wife and having our children) Its the best thing I have ever done.   I wish I had done it a few years ago !

As a driving instructor I rely on my vision so much, but as my eyes deteriorated with age (52) I was reliant on glasses all the time. Since having laser eye surgery,  I now realise how much better my peripheral vision is, and  driving  in the bright sun, or dark and rainy conditions  is no longer the constant nuisance it was before.

Life is easy now, no messing about with expensive glasses.

The surgery was painless and the process was so quick and easy. I felt really cared for and the staff make you confident right from the start.  When I arrived for the first consultation I knew instantly  that this was the best place for me.   Throughout the whole process including the actual treatment day and subsequent follow-up appointments, I was completely satisfied.

It's a big step putting your trust in someone. I thank my lucky stars I trusted FOCUS.


Andreas / Z-LASIK, November 5th 2014



One year on and what can I say?!?!

My vision is actually better than 20/20 !  My prescription was actually  -5.75 before, so it has been an incredible transformation for me.  Wearing contact lenses would always make my eyes dry and having to remember my glasses was becoming a pain.

I would 100% recommend FOCUS as you are in very safe hands from stage one right through to the end of the process. What are you waiting for??? It will be the best thing you've ever done and you will not regret it.

Signing out glasses free!!!

Sarah / Z-LASIK, November 4th 2014


I had been considering laser eye surgery for several years before I even started researching last year.

At the beginning of this year I attended an appointment at a high street opticians who also offered the surgery. I thought this would be much more convenient as it was only an hours drive away, even though two colleagues had already had the surgery at Focus and had raved about it!

I was extremely disappointed by the high street clinic and felt that I been pushed into booking the surgery by a salesman. The next day I rang up and cancelled the appointment.

I then made the decision to contact Focus after talking through my experience with my colleagues.
Even my first appointment with Focus was a completely different experience to the one I had had at the high street clinic. I did not feel as if I'd been pushed into anything and the quality of the environment at Focus spoke volumes!

The surgery was so quick and totally painless, just slight pressure was experienced when one of the lasers settled on my eyes. Immediately following the surgery I could not believe the difference in my eye sight. It sounds so corney, but it really is like a miracle has been performed. I have worn glasses or contact lenses since the age of 5 and now cannot believe I ever had to rely on any aid to assist my sight! I only wish I hadn't waited so long to make this decision.

The Focus clinic, Mr Allamby and all the staff have been absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend them and have done so to all my family and friends. The freedom of waking up in the morning and being able to see immediately is priceless not to mention when I'm exercising.

Thank you for treating me like a VIP.

Afifa / Z-LASIK, October 30th 2014



I came to FOCUS knowing that it was the right place for me to have laser eye surgery. I had booked several consultations just to witness the services with my own eyes. FOCUS beat all their competitors by far, in terms of their standards and approach and professionalism.

Having worn glasses and contact lenses for 12 years I wanted to make the right choice when finally deciding to get rid of them. My surgeon Mr Allamby was delightful and helpful all the way; treating me like an individual unlike most other clinics where you're viewed merely as a business deal.

If you want to the best treatment and reassurance, visit FOCUS for yourself and you will know straightaway. There is no selling involved,  it's all solely up to you and but everywhere else you will receive a call back pressuring you to go forward.

Dmitry / Z-LASIK, October 9th 2014

Truly Amazing! If I could give more stars I would!

Here's my experience

For a long time I suffered from really poor, blurry vision.  I was constantly squinting and over a long period of time this squinting slowly made my eyesight worse.  My confidence and quality of life was lowered, my reading vision was awful.   I had many situations where from a distance I thought I saw someone I knew,  so I squinted until they were almost a few yards away from me then they would give me that look that said 'this person is weird'

Enough was enough, I wanted laser eye surgery and needed the best so nothing goes wrong, these are my eyes after all and no one wants to go blind. From my research Focus was credited the best and I strongly recommend Mr Ali Mearza for a surgeon! He's a really kind, warm and friendly person who  makes a living from beaming lasers in people's eyes and curing people and elephants from going blind, he's been on news and helped loads of people.

I decided to take the next step.  If you're reading this, chances are you're close to choosing to have the surgery but still need some time and maybe this will convince you. It's one of those "It's a miracle and I love science moments!"  When you come in you are welcomed by very polite, respectful and friendly staff and they treat you to free soft drinks, teas coffee and biscuits.

The procedure was very quick and is over in no more than 10 minutes then BAM! Instant 20/20! Best decision of my life!   Each day after the procedure your eyesight gets better and mine improved so much last night I killed a mosquito is the dark!