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Blended Vision Surgery

Laser blended vision is an advanced treatment for the correction of presbyopia, or age-related loss of near vision. It is an excellent treatment option for those people aged between 45 and 65 years old who wear glasses for reading.

Blended Vision Surgery advantages from FOCUS
See near objects in clarity without glasses after blended vision surgery

Blended vision surgery allows patients to have clear vision at far and near ranges. It is a development on basic monovision in which contact lenses are used to have one eye focused for distance vision and the other eye focused for near vision.

The main limitation of monovision is that each eye only has a single point of focus – one near and one far. Less than 50% of patients are able to accept monovision, and one of the limitations is the loss of the mid range vision between the far and near point of focus.

Laser Blended Vision with Z-LASIK includes optimised optics to increase the depth of field for each eye, so changing from a single point of focus to a range of focus. For example, the left eye can see well for near and into mid ranges while the right eye can see for mid and far. The vision from both eyes blends together allowing clear sight.

Preoperative screening is carried out at a consultation to determine if a patient is suitable for laser Blended Vision. On average we find around one in 7-8% of patients will not adapt to this kind of correction, and these patients are screened out at the consultation and will not receive surgery.

The actual surgical procedure for Blended Vision looks very similar to a standard laser eye treatment for short-sight, and the procedure can be completed for both eyes in approximately 8 minutes.


How much does Blended Vision surgery cost?

Our customised optic profiling delivers a natural and impressive result to correct reading vision. See our prices and finance page for more information.

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