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Laser Eye Vision Correction

Laser eye vision correction has become a routine treatment since the first procedure was performed in 1989. More than 100,000 laser eye vision treatments are performed every year in the UK alone.

Vision after laser eye surgery

Life after laser eye vision correction is liberating for many people

Vision correction surgeries

The first laser eye vision technique to be offered was called PRK, and this procedure is still in use today. However, it has been mainly superseded by the much more popular LASIK vision correction. Approximately 95% of all laser eye surgery today is carried out using LASIK. PRK is reserved for certain prescriptions, or when the patient has a particularly thin cornea where cutting a LASIK flap would be inappropriate.

LASIK vision correction is a two-stage procedure. The first stage involves creating a very thin flap in the superficial layers of the cornea, and then folding that flap to one side. The second stage is to reshape the corneal curvature in order to correct the need for glasses or contact lenses.

In modern laser eye vision correction, no blade is used at any point. Instead, a femtosecond laser is used in the first stage which can create a flap with an accuracy of a single micron (1 µ equals one millionth of a metre). A femtosecond laser, such as our Ziemer LDV Crystal Line laser, is a highly complex piece of technology which has replaced the need for a blade to cut a corneal flap, adding a new level of safety and precision to this microsurgical procedure.

We use an excimer laser in the second stage of the LASIK vision correction technique, which is a cool beam device to remove a thin layer of tissue and so reshape the corneal curvature, leaving a extremely smooth surface afterwards. The excimer laser has a precision that surpasses even a femtosecond laser, being able to remove one quarter of a micron with every pulse.

It takes only 4-5 minutes to treat each eye and so laser eye vision correction to both eyes can be completed in just 8-10 minutes. With the advanced Z-LASIK technique, using the Ziemer LDV and WaveLight lasers, most patients can see at or close to 20/20 vision just 60 minutes following treatment.

It is this sophistication of technology, accuracy and safety that helps convince patients around the world that there has never been a better or safer time to have laser eye vision correction.

How much does laser eye vision correction cost?

You may have read in the media that some clinics offer laser eye surgery from prices as low as £395 per eye. At Focus we simply offer clear, transparent pricing which includes wavefront customisation and aftercare. Please visit our laser eye surgery pricing and finance page for more information. If suitable, you may wish to finance the surgery – please visit the pricing and finance section of the page for more information, as we have a variety of options.

Is laser eye vision correction safe?

Things have come a very long way in the two decades with laser eye surgery. Firstly the results are now so good that most patients can achieve better than 20/20 vision. (What is 20/20 vision?) It is the surgeon’s expertise and the team that look after you ensure that safety is THE number one priority at ALL times.