History of Focus Clinics | Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in London


Focus was initially established in November 2002 by our chief surgeon Mr David Allamby FRCS, FRCOphth. Mr Allamby pioneered the correction of presbyopia with the UK’s first Blended Vision surgery in 2003 (treating the need for reading glasses after the age of 45 – presbyopia affects more than twenty million Britons).

The Wavelight Allegretto Laser at FOCUS

Mr Allamby performed the UK’s very first treatment for presbyopia using Blended Vision in January 2003. Rita Thomas, a GP practice nurse living in Manchester was the first patient in the UK to receive this innovative procedure and it was covered by national media including Sky News, The Times and The Daily Mail. Rita can still read without any glasses a decade later.

With Mr Allamby’s work in laser eye surgery and presbyopia gaining momentum, demand for his services grew and he set up consulting and treatment rooms in London. By 2005 he had established Focus clinic in Harley Street.

The reputation of the clinic grew quickly and the attention to detail, exemplary safety record and pioneering research attracted celebrities. Rock legend Rick Wakeman, UB40′s Ali Campbell and presenter Paul Ross were all treated by Mr Allamby at the Harley Street clinic.

Expansion of FOCUS Clinics

Expansion meant that in October 2007 Focus moved to stunning new premises at 22 Wimpole Street with 3000 square feet of beautifully designed interior space and the latest in laser eye technology. A major investment in new technology ensued including the purchase of a new WaveLight 400Hz Eye-Q excimer laser – the world’s best vision correction system.

In January 2008 this was followed by the acquisition of the UK’s first Ziemer LDV femtosecond laser, a breakthrough in safety and accuracy for blade free LASIK. The new procedure is called Z-LASIK.

It was at this point that Mr Ali Mearza FRCOphth, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust joined Focus. He was looking for a clinic that could offer state-of-the-art technology and a team that he could rely on. Focus was already London’s #1 clinic in his estimation.

Together, Mr Allamby and Mr Mearza refined and improved the Z-LASIK surgical technique to help realise their goal of a 100% success rate for 20/20 vision. Further refinements have boosted their results with more than half of typical short-sighted patients now attaining ‘supervision‘ of 20/12, almost twice as good as 20/20. (What is 20/20 vision?)

Now that’s worth celebrating. Are you ready for 20/20 vision, or even better? Contact us today.