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Laser procedures are now safer, faster and more accurate than ever before. This is more than just words, as we at Focus have put our own family and friends through the process, without any hesitation whatsoever.

  • Our chief surgeon’s wife, brother and other family members have all dispensed with their glasses after Z-LASIK at Focus. (Mr Ali Mearza did a great job when Mr. Allamby’s wife wanted to be free of her glasses; it’s better to not operate on your nearest and dearest!)
  • Mr. Mearza has sent his closest friends to have surgery with his colleague Mr. Dave Allamby
  • Focus surgeon Mr. Allon Barsam asked Mr Dave Allamby to operate on his wife, which he did with pleasure – she now sees an incredible 20/12 visual acuity from eye each. (What is 20/20 vision?)
  • If you have been considering treatment in the past, the technology used today is so advanced that safety has escalated (of course, as long as you go with an ethical premium centre with a very skilled doctor).

There are of course two main questions people have always asked – ‘Is it safe?’ and ‘What will the results be?‘.

The upshot of medical advances, surgical technique and improvements in technology have meant that people leaving Focus after treatment often say the experience is life changing. For example, a patient recently described jumping into the warm Mediterranean sea on holiday without glasses and being able to see with crisp, clear vision. For her this was a defining moment.

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Our surgeons Mr Dave Allamby, Mr Ali Mearza and Mr Allon Barsam.

Mr Allon Barsam performing Laser Eye Surgeon in London at FOCUS

Safety has always been our priority at Focus – we simply must ensure that for every single treatment the highest standards and expertise are adhered to. As such we only choose advanced and proven technologies, lasers and scanners. Our results are borne out of this attention to detail and our commitment to 100% of our Z-LASIK patients being able to see with 20/20 vision. (What is 20/20 vision?)

It has taken many years to arrive at the point we’re at now, where we can achieve our remarkable level of results. Our expertise and knowledge is concentrated in our single surgeon-owned centre where rapid communication and sharing between our hand-picked team is possible. When you come to Focus you will meet the whole team on a first name basis and know exactly who is caring for your and your eyes. Because of this, we believe that being a one-location specialist clinic is good for you.

Whilst laser safety has been improving for over twenty years, it is only recently that we have seen such exceptional results. Previously, vision treatments offered good results but with some possible issues such as halos or glare. With our technological sophistication, such built in wavefront treatment for every single patient, we are now able to address previously unwanted side-effects.

Our precision German and Swiss-made lasers were carefully chosen to meet our exceptional standards. You have the confidence that these systems are the only lasers approved by Focus for use on our patients.


Mr Ali Mearza performing LASIK surgery at FOCUS in London

Ongoing research and development in partnership with laser eye clinics has allowed the procedures to rapidly advance . This means that the groundbreaking technologies used in modern LASIK surgeries, such as the Swiss and German precision engineers at Ziemer and WaveLight have made Z-LASIK now available.

You can see our results here.

And with an extra-ordinary success rate for visual acuity outcomes.

Results are continually monitored and examined in relation to the settings used on our lasers (known as a nomogram) and other fine settings during the operation of the lasers. We continuously monitor our results and compare them to worldwide data fed in from other clinics.

Committed to 100% 20/20
You can rest assured that our commitment to offering the best laser eye results available in the world today means a clinic and team you can trust and peace of mind for you –  before, during and after your vision correction.

Please call us on 0207 307 8250 to discuss vision correction at Focus or to book a consultation.

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