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Living Without Glasses or Contacts

Living without glasses or contact lenses
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If you’ve had to live with blur and worn glasses or contact lenses for most of your life, for whichever refractive error your eyes suffered from, then it is often hard to imagine life without them. It’s about waking up and not having to fish around for your glasses or contact lenses…being able to simply get up, look out the window and see with clear eyesight. That’s what is life-changing about the treatment.

Be it needing glasses at the cinema or being stuck with a blurry world when going for a swim, most people we treat wish they had undergone laser eye surgery sooner – they find that they soon get used to their new ‘lease of life’.

We’ve chosen a few testimonials from people who have been treated at Focus and hope they give an insight into life after myopia or astigmatism, and also presbyopia (the need for reading glasses).

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