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Your First Day Without Glasses

5th stage of your laser eye surgery journey with FOCUS
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Imagine waking up the day after your surgery and seeing the trees, the sky, flowers and the outside world as clear and sharp as a high definition TV. That’s exactly what ‘the day after’ is like for so many of our patients. It really is an incredible feeling of freedom and clarity. Depending on your prescription, you may actually be able to see more immediately when you sit up after the treatment! Some people with low prescriptions might be able to see a clock on the wall without their glasses but we find that people with prescriptions of -3.0 or more this would always have been blurred. When these patients sit up immediately after treatment they are amazed they can now tell the time without the aid of glasses or contacts.

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Get rid of glasses

First days after eye surgery

Waking up the day after surgery is for many people a very moving experience. Many of our patients say that their vision the day after surgery is quite breathtaking and that they can see so much more detail in the world that was previously only seen through the assistance of glasses or lenses. As glasses are often dirty, the enhanced quality of vision often exceeds patient’s expectations.

We check your vision the day after treatment so you will visit the clinic again and be examined by one of our team. Most patients at this visit will in fact be able to see better than 20/20 – that’s less than 24 hours after treatment! After the one day check you will be free to return home and many of our patients feel they can return to work immediately.

From day one we provide you with eye guards (these are just plastic eye shields) to protect your eyes when you sleep for one week, as well as a course of eye drops to aid recovery.

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