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Your Safety

This is the basis of everything we do at Focus. Refractive procedures are now safer than they ever been, but it is still surgery and should always be treated as such. If that sentence rings true then Focus may well be the right clinic for you.

Is Sight Correction Safe?

With every type of surgery there are associated risks. Careful research into your choice of clinic and surgeon is very important. Fortunately, with surgery today, many of these risks have been greatly reduced, and at Focus we spend considerable time during your in-depth consultation to make sure you are a suitable candidate. Sometimes we will unfortunately have to turn people away if the treatment is not deemed suitable for them.

If we have any doubts whatsoever, we will decline to offer refractive eye surgery. This is because the consultation is the key safety stage in the clinical process. The most important decision is about who should NOT have treatment.

Focus is a single clinic, not a large business or one with multiple sites. There is no head office. It is owned by our chief surgeon, Mr. David Allamby and we have world-renowned surgeons resident at the centre.

At Focus we simply talk with and assess each person from a perspective of delivering the very best result and never, ever, apply pressure that someone should have treatment. We don’t believe in selling, hard or soft.

This is important in providing LASIK in the best way possible. You need the time and the space to make a carefully thought through decision.

Of course, we hope you will choose us and we deeply believe in our capabilities to deliver exactly what you are looking for. But it is your choice and in your own time.

There are possible side effects for all medical interventions as there are for all drugs, and all of which will be discussed during your consultation. The advent of new technologies, such as wavefront, has meant that a lot of side effects previously associated with laser correction (such as halos or glare at night) are now much rarer than before. We use bladeless laser technology instead of a blade to eliminate previous risks associated with creating a corneal flap. We provide you with a course of drops following your surgery to help prevent any infection, inflammation and to minimize symptoms of dry eyes.

But there is no substitute for a clinic where the guiding ethos from above is from a surgeon who cares about each patient, and who asks “What if these were my eyes – what would I do?” before each operation. That’s what a surgeon-owned and led clinic is all about.

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Treatment and You

From the moment you meet our team you will realise that you’re not a number, nor a means to make money within some corporate plan, nor someone on a conveyor belt. That is not who Focus is.

You are our priority as an individual, taken care of by individuals in a small, highly skilled and caring team. At your consultation you will be given the opportunity to look at our state-of-the-art treatment suite so you can see for yourself how well maintained our clinic is.

As a single clinic we are a close-knit operation and your treatment will have been discussed at our team meetings – the optometrists will have spoken to the patient care co-ordinators and of course the surgeons are involved throughout the process.

This means that we are constantly monitoring your progress from the initial consultation right through to your treatment, check-ups and aftercare. We leave no stone unturned and as such you will be made to feel reassured and looked after at all times.

Of course, our equipment, lasers and diagnostic scanners are calibrated and maintained frequently and our clinic is regulated and certified by the Care Quality Commission, following guidance given from the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

But ensuring we have the best materials to work with is only part of the story. Feeling a complete sense of trust is being made to feel part of the Focus family – gaining your trust is something we strive to do naturally for every one of our patients.

In short we feel that the best isn’t just about the laser or the type of scanning equipment – whilst they are of course crucial to a good result – it is the care and attention of the surgeons and staff that will ensure the highest possible level of efficacy at a clinic.

If all of this page rings true then Focus may well be the right clinic for you.

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