Should I choose blade-free laser eye surgery?

Should I choose blade-free laser eye surgery? Yes, definitely. You should not choose to have a blade-cut flap when femtosecond lasers are now available to do the job more accurately and safely. At Focus Clinic London we only use a femtosecond laser for LASIK flap creation (the Ziemer LDV). All leading surgeons worldwide now use femtosecond lasers due to their safety, accuracy and speed.

If you are thinking about this procedure, ask the clinic if they use a microkeratome (blade) to perform some of their treatments. This is an old and out of date way of performing surgery and should be avoided.

The choice of femtosecond laser is also important. You should look for one of the following:

  • Ziemer LDV (all models)
  • Intralase iFS 150KHz model (avoid the FS60, FS30 and older models)
  • WaveLight FS200
  • Zeiss Visumax

Check with any clinic you are talking to as to which make and model of femto laser they would use for your treatment.

Find out more about laser eye surgery risks and safety.

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100% 20/20 vision

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