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What if I blink or move during treatment?

Nothing untoward will happen if you blink or move during your laser eye treatment. In fact, there isn’t anything you can do that will upset the process or affect the result, which people find very reassuring.
In laser vision correction, the lasers are in fact only active for 10% of the total duration of the procedure.

Most of the procedure (90%) is performed by the surgeon manually. That is why you want a highly experienced expert specialist when it comes to your treatment.

The surgeon is in full control throughout the procedure, and will advise you if your head or eyes are moving too much. During the actual operation of the lasers, we have a sophisticated advanced tracking technology that confirms the position of your eye before every pulse, 400 times a second. The tracking system can respond faster than you can move your eyes so the treatment is always exactly in the correct position.

Your job is to simply look at the flashing green light for the eight or nine minutes duration of the complete treatment (both eyes).

One eye will be completed first, before moving on to the second eye. You should continue to blink normally throughout. It will feel as if you are blinking naturally, even though the eyelids are held open by a special instrument known as a speculum. This is quite painless. The anaesthetic drops ensure that you don’t feel any pain, or any desire to excessively blink or shut your eyes.

While the speculum is in place, each time you blink the muscle will twitch but the eyelid will not close. However, it will feel that you have just blinked normally.

Look at the flashing green light for eight or nine minutes, blink as you normally would, and your Focus specialist consultant surgeon will do the rest.
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Further information on laser eye surgery risks and safety can be found here.

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