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How much is laser eye surgery?

How much is laser eye surgery? There is a well-known saying “You get what you pay for” and which remains just as true for vision correction as it does for everything else in life. Quality and price are closely linked.

The surgeon

Sight correction surgery is highly specialised. As 90% of the procedure is performed manually by the surgeon, the skill of the operator plays a tremendous part in the quality of the outcome you will receive.

Top-tier specialists are relatively few in number, but are invaluable when it comes to surgery on arguably your most important sense. Essentially, Focus Clinic offers the most advanced technology in treatment available anywhere, as well as world-class specialists who are among the most highly trained in the country.

Results vary between clinics

We provide a boutique low-volume highly specialised service where obtaining the best possible results is paramount. As such we are the only clinic we are aware of that has achieved a 100% success rate for 20/20 for all common short-sighted prescriptions. Click here for more information on our outstanding results.

Prices for expert surgery

For most prescriptions at an expert independent clinic, you should expect to pay in the region of £4000-£5000 for complete treatment to both eyes. This means £2000 plus per eye. You need to make sure no corners are being cut – if your quote is much less than this, you should be very cautious.

For our treatment fees, please visit the costs and finance page.

Treatment guarantees

The price for surgery is inclusive of all treatment and after-care. Our unique LASIK Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee is testament to our confidence in the result you will obtain. This means that LASIK treatment related after-care appointments are free for life. Distance vision corrections for short sight (myopia) are also guaranteed. If your myopia returns and your distance vision suffers within the first 10 years of surgery, a second treatment will be free of charge. (Terms and conditions apply, please contact us for more information) There are various types and levels of technology available, in addition to the skill and experience of your consultant specialist. Focus only offers the most advanced treatments available. We do not offer inferior technology procedures at a lower price, as is common practice at many centres, including large-scale national commercial providers.

Low Prices

You may see advertisements for low prices, e.g. from £395 per eye. You will likely find that these prices are not available once you attend the advertisers centre, as they represent old technology treatments available in the 1990s, and which you will be pressured to upgrade from to get a modern treatment. The final price for your prescription with modern technology will be far higher, and usually still come out at several thousand pounds.

Benefits of surgery

The benefits of successful surgery will typically last a lifetime for shortsighted and astigmatism prescriptions, although natural changes in prescription may rarely occur. Treatments for long sightedness and reading glasses using laser surgery are prone to some reduction over time due to the normal ageing processes occurring within the eye. Lens procedures, such as refractive lens exchange, may provide a lifelong benefit in such cases. Please ask us for more details on alternatives to laser sight correction.

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