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Becky Camp

Senior Clinic Technician

Becky has been a Senior Clinic Technician at Focus since 2011, having worked with refractive lasers and diagnostic equipment for over 10 years. You will meet Rebecca when you come in on your treatment day and she will put you at ease.

Can you tell us more about your role at Focus Clinics?

I am responsible for the smooth running of surgery. I am mainly found assisting the surgeons in surgery and can operate both lasers. I am also involved in the training and development of new technicians. I do a lot of behind the scenes work at Focus ordering all drops and instruments and carrying out audits. Patients will meet me on their treatment day if not before and I help to ensure they have a relaxed, pleasant and safe treatment experience.
I also organise our social and charity events at Focus whether it be baby showers, bake offs or a good old team building event.

What part of your job do you like the most?

I’m sure anyone who works in surgery will say the same and that is seeing the look on the patient’s face when they sit up after treatment and can can see
This is a hugely emotional moment and we get smiles, laughter and even tears of happiness, it is a true pleasure to witness.

If you had to pick up 3 words to describe your work environment, what will they be?

  • Caring
  • Fun
  • Dynamic

Have you benefited from any eye surgery or have you introduced someone to that technology?

I know what a life changing experience laser surgery is as I was treated by Dr Allamby two years ago.
My eyes are perfect ! It is incredible to just wake up in the morning and see without the hassle and restriction of lenses. I feel this really helps me to emphasise with patients on their treatment day as I am also a patient myself. Everyone who knows me knows how much I believe in laser eye surgery and don’t stop raving about it, due to this we have had my mum, brother and numerous friends all through the door at Focus.

What makes Focus Clinic unique?


Every person you will meet at Focus genuinely cares about you as a patient and wants you to have the best results and experience possible. Patients pick up on the warm friendly vibe at Focus. We are completely transparent and are honest to patients treating everyone who walks through the door as if they are friends or family.

We also all really take pride in our jobs and really believe at Focus we are doing an amazing thing as our 100% results show!

Helping people to see again is a wonderful job. I love it.
Rebecca Camp

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