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Mr Mohammed Muhtaseb

Mr Mohammed Muhtaseb is an NHS Consultant and has been with FOCUS for several years now. His experience in laser eye surgery and other forms of eye surgery is extensive. He created a corneal surgery unit in Swansea catering for a population of 700,000 and developed it from concept to delivery. In building a clinic from the ground up he has a superb understanding of not only the technical aspects of surgery but also how to look after patients and ensure they receive the best possible care.

Muhtaseb has peformed thousands of operations and runs consultant led clinics catering for glaucoma, diabetes, neuro-ophthalmic conditions, retinal conditions and many more. He also has worked extensively abroad for various charities providing eye care and surgery to those most in need around the globe.

Having published many articles Mr Muhtaseb is actively involved in research and presents at many meetings and conferences internationally. He has also been featured in the media.

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