Laser Eye Surgery Reviews

Here you will find videos and comments from people who have changed their lives and sight after coming to Focus. Our patients words can describe much more than our descriptions of precision treatments and state-of-the-art technology, our complete and unwavering dedication to patient safety. It is the vision results that count, and the impact that has on our patients’ lives. With an outstanding 9.9 out of 10 rating by our previous customers, you know you’ll be in safe hands.

Afifa's review'
“Focus beat all their competitors by far”
I came to Focus knowing that it was the right place for me to have laser eye surgery. I had booked several consultations just to witness the services with my own eyes. Focus beat all their competitors by far, in terms of their standards and approach and professionalism.

Having worn glasses and contact lenses for 12 years I wanted to make the right choice when finally deciding to get rid of them. My surgeon Mr Allamby was delightful and helpful all the way; treating me like an individual unlike most other clinics where you’re viewed merely as a business deal.

If you want to the best treatment and reassurance, visit Focus for yourself and you will know straight away.

There is no selling involved, it’s all solely up to you and but everywhere else you will receive a call back pressuring you to go forward.
Gillian's review'
"I can highly recommend the Blended Vision treatment at Focus."
I can highly recommend the Blended Vision treatment at Focus.

My prescription was -1.75 (distance) and + 1.50 (near vision) – I have been wearing glasses since I was 22 and contact lenses for about 20 years. I was nervous but very keen to have the procedure done.

From start to finish the team at Focus come across as very professional but also warm and friendly and helpful and above all, very thorough.

Focus don’t do work that is unnecessary to do, so as I am in my 50’s where my near sight will continue to deteriorate over the next 5-8 years, they recommended that I only have my right eye operated on to improve my distance vision at this time.

They explained that if I had the treatment on my left eye at this stage that I would only have to have the procedure repeated later in my 50’s and also assured me that operating on right eye would also allow me to have a better mid range which would help my near sight anyway. This also meant that my recovery time would be quicker.

I met David Allamby on the day of the operation (I could have met him before but opted to meet him on the day). We had plenty of time together to review all my results and discuss the procedure in detail. He also explained that his percentages for eye correction are higher than his direct competitors (I believe he achieves 98% to 20/16 – which is better than 20/20 vision!- amazing!). He made me feel like I was in really safe hands and was sympathetic to my pre-op nerves.

The operation only took 3 minutes as I had only one eye treated. It didn’t hurt and I had 20/20 vision back within 5 minutes and took the train home. My eye was a little sore for the afternoon but I was able to watch TV and use my phone and iPad later that day. The follow up care is very good, with plenty of checks and clear instructions for do’s and dont’s.

I am very pleased with the improvement to my distance vision and also how easily I have got used to blending the sight of both eyes for doing everything.

In summary I have been totally delighted by the whole process and I am currently recommending David and the team at Focus to all my friends who are considering laser treatment. It really is worth that little bit extra to know that you have the one of best surgeons in the world performing your operation.

Thank you David and all the team at Focus!
Neal's review'
"Fantastic not having to scramble around in the morning"
Fantastic not having to scramble around in the morning trying to find where the children have hidden my glasses.

Simple, pain free procedure that I would recommend to everyone.
Preet's review'
"I now have 20/12 vision and couldn’t be happier"
I have to say that having later surgery has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.
The freedom of not having to wear glasses or contact lenses whilst I exercise or even wake up in the middle of the night to see my children has been amazing.
Dr. Allamby was a fantastic surgeon, who gave me every confidence in the lead up to the surgery. The staff were all great too.
I now have 20/12 vision and couldn’t be happier. I would recommend FOCUS clinic in a heartbeat!
Fiona's review'
"I look younger now"
I would definitively recommend Focus for the treatment and the lovely staff who makes you feel special.

Everyone notices that I haven’t got glasses on and I think it makes me look younger, so I’m a happy girl.

Thanks again !
Helen's review'
"My vision is now perfect"
I was recommended Focus by a friend who has reported excellent results and service.

I have certainly not been disappointed. My vision is now perfect.

The process has been seamless and the staff incredibly accommodating and on hand for any queries and assistance.

I would advice anybody in need of laser eye surgery to choose Focus for their treatment.
Anthony's review'
"I would certainly recommend Focus based on my experience."
Since my surgery I have been on holiday and enjoyed sight seeing trips, being able to see vistas that would not have been possible before. I have also been on several long walks, and the difference the surgery has made to this, is fantastic. Everything seems to have greater depth and clarity.
The 5 star service has been all that could be asked for. Everybody at Focus has been extremely helpful, courteous and thoroughly professional.
David Allamby has been great, he explained everything step by step in advance of the treatment and put my mind completely at ease, giving me every confidence in the procedure. After about 6 weeks my vision is 20/12, long distance is wonderfully sharp and clear and middle distance is still improving. If anyone asked me about Focus and having laser treatment I would highly recommend that they go ahead with it.
I would certainly recommend Focus based on my experience.
Victoria's review'
"I felt completely confident in Dr. Allamby's abilities"
I felt completely confident in Dr. Allamby's abilities. I chose Focus after my mother-in-law recommended Dr. Allamby.

She had the surgery 7 years ago. She is 77 now and her eyes are still perfect. As soon as I knew I could have the procedure done I decided without a doubt to go to Focus. I felt completely confident in Dr. Allamby’s abilities and in the procedure itself.

Dr. Allamby is so quietly confident and makes you feel so at ease that I had never once doubted the success.

It is in the little things that now, 1 month after the surgery, I have noticed such a tremendous improvement. No more stress about finding my glasses, no more tired eyes and no more headaches ! Clarity is amazing ! I even see my children’s features clearer !
Saira's review'
"The staff are really friendly and cool and David Allamby was amazing"
Since having the laser surgery its been amazing. I can’t stop looking at everything and being able to see things in the far distance is great too. The staff are really friendly and cool and David Allamby was amazing (I had to get them at least a thank you card !). Focus is just awesome to be honest that’s just it! (I also love the old school waiting room music ! And the hot chocolate and biscuits are good.
Jessica's review'
"The whole experience has been 5-Stars’"
I chose Focus because I had been to several consultations at larger clinics, where I had felt like I was attending a sales pitch, rather than an eye examination that actually considered my eye health.

After scouring for the place that would offer a lifetime guarantee, I found Focus. The whole experience has been 5-Stars and totally professional.

The staff here, took the time to make sure my eyes were healthy enough for surgery without any obligation to proceed.

On the day of my surgery, I was completely put at ease by all of the staff here, and David is such a delicate and excellent surgeon. I recovered far more quickly than any of my friends and colleagues did after having surgery elsewhere.

I would recommend Focus to anyone considering freedom from glasses. I cannot believe that 17 years of glasses are over after less than 10 minutes of surgery !
Roger's review'
"I wanted the best and believe I got it"
The whole process from start to finish has been a pleasure.

I wanted the best and believe I got it from David and his excellent team. My eyes are transformed and the world seems a much crisper, sharper place. I am over the moon. I no longer need to squint in meetings and even enjoyed being able to see my golf ball disappear off down the fairway. I just wish I had done this sooner and would not hesitate to recommend Focus to friends and family.
Robert's review'
"Since the surgery my vision has been perfect"
Since the surgery my vision has been perfect. It is such a relief to no longer require contact lenses/glasses.
The service at Focus has been amazing, I have already recommended to multiple friends and family members. The surgeon and treatment staff have all been fantastic, my overall experience far exceeded my expectations.
I was recommended by a family friend, and will be forever grateful.
I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who requires vision correction, even if only minor in prescription.
Than's review'
"I walked out of the clinic within the hour with perfect new eyes!"
I had my vision corrected by the Focus team about 9 months ago. Throughout this period, I found my interactions with the clinic administrative members and staff very professional, yet friendly and effective.

I was particularly impressed with the pre-surgery consultation process.

The surgery itself took less than 10 minutes but the team was very thorough with their work that I walked out of the clinic within the hour with perfect new eyes!
Matt's review'
"Years of being unable to see the wall are over!"
Very meticulous and professional, yet friendly service from all the staff – the number of times David checked my measurements was very confidence inspiring prior to surgery. I also liked the collegiate atmosphere in the theatre; which was helpful in keeping me relaxed. My eyes are hugely improved.

I have gone from being totally unable to function without glasses to feeling comfortable out and about. Set to really do something revolutionary, although seeing clearly in sunglasses was a good feeling! Imagine the first swim will be something else! Years of being unable to see the wall are over!
Abi's review'
"The care and service have been impeccable"
Waking up the day after my surgery and being able to see straight away was an amazing feeling. I chose Focus because my partner had also had surgery here.

The care and service have been impeccable and I would definitively recommend Focus Clinic.
Gemma's review'
"Don’t think any longer, just do it!"
Couldn’t be happier with the results. Looking back I don’t understand what took me so long… my vision is 20/12 now so couldn’t literally be any better!

Great quality of life, going for walks, swimming, waking up and being able to see perfectly!

I chose Focus through a friend that had the treatment done here and I didn’t look anywhere else. Having met Mr. David Allamby before, I came to the clinic and here before the treatment was so reassuring that it was thanks to him that I took the decision. Absolutely 5 stars care and service !

My advice to people thinking about it is : ‘don’t think any longer, just do it!’
Elliot's review'
"It’s like someone has just turned on the HD"
I was told about Focus by my wife, she had surgery last year and now has 20/12 vision. I had surgery 1 week ago and also have 20/12.
It’s like someone has just turned on the HD !

The staff is amazing and the aftercare is beyond my expectations.

Thank you to all the team at Focus.
Nicola's review'
"My vision 10 years later is still very good"
It is great to not to have to wear glasses for anything !

The service was excellent and professional. Dr. Allamby was also excellent, plus I have complete trust in his professionalism. My vision 10 years later is still very good. I would recommend this procedure to anyone.
Julie's review'
"If you are considering surgery just do it!"
Everything is much better without glasses, from walking in the rain to Bikram yoga!

The staff at Focus are all brilliant and the aftercare is excellent. I couldn’t be happier with my vision now.

If you are considering surgery just do it!
Charlotte's review'
"David Allamby is a fantastic surgeon, a true miracle worker"
Best thing I have ever done!

All the team at FOCUS gave a 5 star service and made me feel so comfortable. It is amazing to finally be able to wake up in the morning and see. I would recommend anyone who wears glasses and is considering surgery to go to focus.

Don’t be scared it is life changing !

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100% 20/20 vision

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