Preparing for LASEK Surgery

If you're considering the exciting decision to undergo LASEK eye surgery at Focus Clinics, you're embarking on a journey towards achieving clearer and hassle-free vision. 

LASEK laser eye surgery is a transformative procedure that promises to significantly enhance your eyesight while liberating you from the constraints of glasses or contact lenses.

Before you go under the laser, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. We'll walk you through the steps to ensure a successful LASEK experience below.

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

Discontinuing the use of contact lenses is a pivotal component of your LASEK surgery preparation. The reason for this is that contact lenses have the potential to influence the shape and overall health of your cornea, which can, in turn, affect the outcome of the LASEK procedure.

If you typically wear soft contact lenses, it's recommended that you cease using them for a minimum of one week leading up to your surgery date. 

If they are toric lenses for astigmatism, stop wearing them two weeks before treatment. However, if you are an RGP lens wearer, you might require a more extended period.

The exact duration can vary depending on your individual circumstances, so it's essential to discuss with your surgeon to determine the most suitable timeframe for your contact lens discontinuation. 

Give Yourself Time

While LASEK is considered less invasive than procedures like LASIK, it's essential to understand that some downtime for recovery is still necessary. LASEK has a longer downtime because the surface skin has to heal back over.

As you prepare for your LASEK surgery, planning and ensuring you have a few days off from work or other commitments immediately following the surgery is advisable.

During the initial recovery period, it's pretty standard to experience some discomfort and heightened sensitivity in your eyes. As a result, it's essential to take it easy and allow your eyes the time they need to heal correctly. 

This means refraining from activities that may strain or irritate your eyes. Your eye comfort and health should be a top priority during this period.

Speak To Your Surgeon About Medication

You must communicate any existing medications or medical conditions with your surgeon as you prepare for your LASEK surgery. Some medications can interfere with the surgical procedure or influence recovery.

Your LASEK surgeon is the most qualified individual to guide you. They will assess your situation and provide expert advice on whether any adjustments to your medication schedule are necessary.

Type Of Medication

Why Can I Not Take This?


These medications impact how the body heals. This can lead to LASEK complications.

Anti-inflammatory medications

This type of medication can impact how the body heals, which can lead to LASEK complications.

Drugs which decrease tear production: Beta-blockers, roaccutane, isotretinoin

These medications can lead to dry eyes. This can exacerbate the side effects of LASEK during the healing process.

Oral steroids

Patients taking steroids may have conditions that increase the likelihood of developing infections or other potential complications.

Dress Comfortably

You'll be asked to lie down for around 2o minutes during the procedure. This is why it's highly advisable to don comfortable and loose-fitting clothing to ensure that you're at ease, both physically and emotionally.

On the day of your LASEK surgery, forego any makeup, especially around your eyes. Makeup particles can introduce the risk of infection, so maintaining a sterile and clean eye area is crucial. 

To this end, arriving at your appointment with a fresh and makeup-free face is best, ensuring the best conditions for a successful LASEK procedure.

Organise Your Ride Home

It's important to know that your vision might be temporarily blurred or unstable immediately post-op. Driving yourself home directly after the procedure is not advisable. 

To ensure your safety and a smooth transition back to your place, it's highly recommended that you arrange for a trustworthy friend or family member to be your ride home. 

In conclusion, safely preparing for LASEK surgery is just as important as the procedure. Following these steps can help ensure a successful LASEK experience at Focus Clinics. 

These steps will lead you to improved vision and a life without glasses or contact lenses.

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