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Those in the public eye are usually able to choose the very best when it comes to their eyes. Like you, they want the highest quality treatment combined with a world-class surgeon. Every single person that visits Focus is treated with the best care and consideration possible – whether you are famous or not you will receive 5 star care.

“I couldn’t recommend surgery or David Allamby and the Focus team enough. They truly are a wonderful attentive team, everything is explained and the service and care was amazing”

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Rick Wakeman came to Focus Clinic several years ago. He had heard of Mr David Allamby’s pioneering Blended Vision treatment and this has enabled him to enjoy great eyesight without glasses for many years. Rick’s isn’t grumpy anymore!

Rick’s Procedure

Rick was a very relaxed patient, very excited to get his eyes fixed. In common with over 20 million Britons, Rick needed glasses every time he wanted to read, such as the newspaper, an email or text message.

After having Blended Vision surgery at Focus, a technique pioneered in the UK by our founder and medical director Dr. David Allamby, Rick no longer needs glasses for anything; he has 20/20 vision for both distance and near.

“I wish I had it done many many years earlier. It is a painless treatment and the results are absolutely fantastic. I can see better now than when I was a kid.”

Blended Vision

Do you find it hard to read menus in restaurants without putting on your reading glasses? Or how about the hassle of not being able to read your text messages quickly when you’re out and about?

Treatment is now available for those who need glasses for reading. If you have always had good vision and now find yourself over 40 and needing reading glasses for close distances, or if you have been wearing glasses for distance vision, and now find you are losing your close up vision; you may be developing presbyopia. This is an unavoidable condition where the eye’s ability to focus on near objects diminishes as we get a little older.

“I got to the stage where I had to get rid of my glasses”

About Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman shot to fame with iconic progressive rock group ‘Yes’. He then pursued a successful solo career with one of his albums turning gold in 1975. His television career began in the 1980s and he has become well known as a contributor to the BBC 2 show, ‘Grumpy Old Men’. Nowadays he continues to be active both musically and on our screens.

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Focus surgeons are experts in their field and frequently seen in national media, including on television, radio and the press. We are often promoting issues of eye health, or being asked to comment on key topics.

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