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Vision correction - the 5 questions you MUST ask

After the recent Which? report, respected surgeon David Allamby reveals 5 questions you MUST ask. They will:
  • +   Help you compare clinics and find which to avoid
    +   Help you choose the right surgeon for your eyes 
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World-Class Eye Treatment in London

Importantly, Focus is a single specialist centre, and not part of a chain. We are clinical research-led and specialise in ethical expert premium vision correction with 5-star service. Accordingly this means treating you and your eyes without compromise – you must have the maximum for technology, time and surgical skill.

At Focus, we have achieved an impressive 100% 20/20 vision for all common short-sighted prescriptions. If less than 100% isn’t an option for you, contact us. Learn more about our results, why 20/20 does not mean perfect vision, and why most people should have better than 20/20 after treatment.

Focus is a surgeon-owned clinic based in the London Harley Street medical enclave. We don’t take chances which is an essential part of the success we have achieved for our patients.

We are committed to leading the UK in implementation of new technology. We were the first UK clinic to offer the advanced Z-LASIK procedure. Chief surgeon David Allamby performed the UK’s first Blended Vision procedures and we have led the way in correcting the need for reading glasses since 2003.

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