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Famous Eyes at Focus

Those in the public eye are usually able to choose the very best when it comes to their eyes. Like you, they want the highest quality treatment with a world-class surgeon.

Every single person that visits Focus is treated with the best care and consideration possible – you don’t have to be one of our famous patients.

Through word of mouth referrals (our main source of new patients) we have been lucky to treat many individuals who are either household names or well known in the public eye.

Supermodels, actors, presenters – you can see just a few of our famous patients below.

famous eyes having LASIK


David Gandy

David Gandy at Focus

David Gandy on his surgery day at Focus laser eye clinic in London

David Gandy is one of the most famous models in the world, and renowned for his blue eyes. Who would he trust with the care of those special eyes when he decided to have sight correction? Understanding the importance of his eyes for his work, he knew that he had to entrust them to the right people.

Long shoots, worldwide travel and harsh environments (he recently shot a music video with Jennifer Lopez in the Mojave desert during a sandstorm!) meant that contact lenses were becoming too difficult to wear and glasses in the modelling industry are simply not an option.

In June 2014, David Gandy had his Z-LASIK procedure with our medical director and chief surgeon David Allamby. The treatment is an advanced form of LASIK, using two lasers to complete the vision correction and incorporates wavefront optics to further enhance the outcome.

“I couldn’t recommend surgery or David Allamby and the Focus team enough. They truly are a wonderful attentive team, everything is explained and the service and care was amazing.”

David is delighted with the result of his treatment. Just 30 minutes after surgery, he could read the small 20/20 letters on the test chart. By the following morning he could see 20/10, twice as sharp as 20/20 vision.

Read more about David Gandy and his experience at Focus.


Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore at Focus Clinics

Laura Whitmore rapidly shot to fame after being a huge success on MTV. She is now a household name on television and has become a fashion icon in her own right. In 2009 she launched her self-branded clothing range and in 2011 was the presenter of ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’. She now regularly appears at award ceremonies and is rarely out of the spotlight. Read more about Laura Whitmore and her experience at Focus.


Sue Barker

Sue Barker

We were honoured to treated one of the world’s best professional tennis players. Sue Barker has Blended Vision at FOCUS which allowed her to enjoy reporting from the stunning Andy Murray victory at Wimbledon in July 2013. Citing her surgery as the best thing she has ever done it was a pleasure to welcome her to the clinic. You can read more about Sue here.


Denise Van Outen

Denise Van Outen at Focus

After having been fed up with wearing contact lenses and glasses for years, Denise Van Outen decided to come to Focus for her treatment. The procedure was over in minutes and has allowed Denise to carry on with her professional and personal life with the minimum of fuss. You can read more about Denise Van Outen at Focus here.


Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment

Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment at Focus

The Only Way Is Essex‘ stars Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment chose Focus for their laser vision surgery. The award winning television show charts the lives of the cast living in Essex and our two patients were a joy to have in the clinic. Both were short sighted and their treatments were performed on the same day so they could support each other. Some twenty four hours after surgery both Ricky and Jess were seeing better than 20/20 and they are over the moon with the results. Read more about our wonderful ‘Towie’ two.


Matthew Macfadyen

Matthew Macfadyen

Actor Matthew Macfadyen shot to fame in the BBC series ‘Spooks’ in 2004 where he portrayed ‘Tom Quinn’. After this Matthew landed top roles in many film and television productions such as the current hit show Ripper Street, as well as Pride and Prejudice, Frost / Nixon, Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers and many more including the recent epic ‘Anna Karenina’. You can read more about Matthew Macfadyen here.


Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman at Focus Clinics

Famous for his keyboard playing and songwriting for 80’s iconic rock band ‘Yes’, Rick Wakeman is also a regular on our television screens. He came to Focus for Blended Vision and feels he can see better than when he was in his twenties. Read more about Rick Wakeman’s laser surgery.


Toby Anstis

HEART FM radio presenter Toby Anstis recently decided to go ahead with surgery at FOCUS. He was amazed at the results and wishes he’d laser surgery sooner!


Roberto – (Previously Capital 95.8 DJ)

Roberto at FOCUS
Roberto, DJ at Captial FM, decided to choose Focus for his vision procedure. He couldn’t believe how quick the procedure was and is over the moon with his ‘new’ eyes! Watch Roberto’s Story


Paul Ross

Paul Ross at FOCUS
Paul Ross is LBC’s drivetime presenter, This Morning’s show business reporter and the Daily Star Sunday’s film critic. He is currently executive producing a new ITV series called 24 Hours With…. His eyes were so bad he wore big thick minus 9 varifocal prescription glasses. Now, a new treatment from Focus has cured his distance AND near vision in one go. “Now my reading vision is unbelievably clear. I went back to see Mr Allamby and I tested for 20/20 vision, I am reading without my glasses for the first time in years”.


Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker at FOCUS

BBC Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker says, “Coming to Focus and having treatment for my eyes has given me the greatest sense of freedom from the bane of carrying around reading glasses. I was forever losing them or leaving them at home and then I would dash frantically to the chemist for cheap reading specs in order to read the small print on CD’s I’d use on my radio shows.”

“In the past I was put off by the thought of a blade being used on my eyes but now the new blade-free lasers at Focus gave me total confidence and I was amazed at how quickly the treatment was done and how I had perfect distance and reading vision virtually straight away.”

“Now there’s no excuse for playing the wrong track and I will forever be grateful to David and all the staff at Focus.”