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Mr David Allamby

Mr David Allamby is the founder and medical director of FOCUS in central London, a premier refractive clinic. Focus’ commitment is to being the #1 clinic for vision outcome results with 100% of  patients achieving 20/20 vision or even better. He is one of a limited number of UK surgeons who works in laser refractive surgery full-time.

Mr David Allamby - Surgeon at FOCUS

As well as performing LASIK, LASEK and PRK, David is a recognised leader in the field of treating presbyopia (the age-related need for reading glasses). He was the first surgeon in the United Kingdom to perform Blended Vision for presbyopia in January 2003, the first UK surgeon to perform Z-LASIK with its advanced small bubble technology (SBT) for both distance vision and reading vision.

He has been the surgeon of choice for numerous celebrities and his services are constantly in demand.

He has worked at some of the United Kingdom’s leading eye centres including Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. Mr. Allamby’s published scientific work in ocular scar formation was undertaken at the University of Manchester, and was funded by a prestigious Wellcome Trust grant.

Mr. Allamby has provided surgical training to visiting doctors from countries around the world. His work in presbyopia has been rewarded by Focus becoming a European Centre of Excellence in 2012.

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