10 reasons to choose us Focus, London

Why Choose Us?

10 Reasons to choose Focus in London




Our results are second to none – 100% see 20/20 after Z-LASIK.

The above results are for typical short-sighted prescriptions (up to -8.00 and up to 2.00 dioptres of astigmatism).

Our results have exceeded even our own expectations. At Focus, 99.7% of our typically short-sighted patients up to -6.00 dioptres see beyond 20/20 vision (many people aren’t aware that the eye is capable of better than 20/20). If a clinic that accepts less than 100% isn’t an option for you and your eyes, the choice becomes easy – Focus. (What is 20/20 vision?)

100% 20/20 VisionResults from sight correction are the final outcome of all that a clinic does. It incorporates patient selection and deciding who is suitable and who should avoid having treatment, preparing the patients’ eyes before correction if necessary, e.g. treating dryness, performing world-class surgery, and following up with comprehensive and personal aftercare. It takes all of these elements to achieve 100% 20/20 for all common short-sighted prescriptions.



World-Class Surgeons

While leading technology is essential, it is the surgeon that will make the critical difference to your vision result.

We are a surgeon-owned consultant specialist vision correction clinic based in the London Harley Street medical enclave. Our UK-trained consultant surgeons combine advanced surgical skills with specially selected laser systems to achieve a success rate of 100% 20/20 vision for all common short-sighted prescriptions.

Mr David Allamby and Mr Ali Mearza
Mr David Allamby and Mr Ali Mearza, surgeons at Focus

When visiting FOCUS you’ll have treatment with one of our three surgeons – Mr David Allamby, Mr Ali Mearza, or Mr Allon Barsam. All are experts in the field of ophthalmology with Mr Mearza and Mr Allon Barsam being NHS Consultants and also working abroad for various charities. Mr David Allamby is our founder and has pioneered the treatment of ‘presbyopia’ (reading vision correction) with Blended Vision (see below).

World-class LASIK is like winning at Formula 1. You need two things together – a world-beating driver, of course, but one who also sits inside the most technologically advanced car available. Most patients assume it’s all down to the lasers, but this is not the case – it’s the surgeon and surgical technique that separates good from great.



State-of-the-Art Technology

We only use technology that will maintain our 100% 20/20 success rate, and increase the % with ‘supervision’ (beyond 20/20).

Laser eye technology has evolved at a rapid pace during the past ten years. If you’re researching online before deciding where to have treatment you might come across a bewildering number of lasers, scanners and other equipment used at various clinics.

We use tried and tested German and Swiss technology to achieve remarkable results for our patients with our strict requirements for precision and safety. Our Femtosecond laser is the Ziemer LDV Crystal Line and our WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q 400Hz is the German made refractive laser that corrects vision. The WaveLight laser was the ONLY laser in FDA clinical trials that actually reduced wavefront optical aberrations – no other laser has achieved this.

We’ve invested a tremendous amount of time and resources into advanced technology for our procedures, plus pioneering a more advanced Z-LASIK surgical technique for even better results. Our attention to detail and care has meant that this technology, matched to our surgeons’ expertise, produces outstanding refractive laser correction results. (Learn more about 20/20 vision)



A True Centre of Excellence

People often say that this is the biggest factor in their decision to come for treatment at FOCUS.

We’re not a chain. We have only one clinic in central London and as such all our medical director’s efforts are concentrated on making it the very best in terms of safety, patient care and results.

Being a single clinic means that the team know each other very well, we know our patients very well and that you will see the same people throughout – from your consultation through to treatment and beyond. There is no head office to report sales to. Being a pure clinical centre enables us to spend more time with our patients, be more focussed always strive to give the highest level of care.



Blended Vision for Reading Glasses

We were the first British clinic to perform Blended Vision.

Mr Allamby introduced this technique in January 2003, which he has carried out for longer than any other UK surgeon. Focus has been recognised as a European centre of excellence for presbyopia correction.

People mostly associate laser correction with fixing short sight. However we’ve been at the forefront of correcting reading vision for many years. If you need glasses or lenses to read menus, your mobile phone or a newspaper then our groundbreaking Z-LASIK Blended Vision treatment could change your life.

Using advanced ‘small bubble technology’ (SBT) and advanced optics, the procedure takes just minutes but the benefits can last for a lifetime. Blended Vision can enable you to read once again without glasses and is a treatment that patients find truly liberating.



Famous Eyes

We are the treatment centre of choice for a large number of high profile celebrities.

Our patients include Denise Van Outen, Mary Portas, Jodie Kidd, Sue Barker, Radio DJ Johnnie Walker, actor Matthew Macfadyen, actor Jenna Coleman, Paul Ross and Rick Wakeman as well as Capital FM DJ Roberto and radio DJ Toby Anstis.

All of these people have decided through word of mouth referrals that FOCUS was the best place to have refractive surgery and they have been very happy with the results and care FOCUS offers. It’s worth noting that we treat everyone who comes to Focus as a VIP! Everyone who visits FOCUS receives the same high level of care, understanding and individual attention.



What People Say About Us

Read peoples’ reactions to this life changing experience.

Our reputation as an ethical premium vision centre who always put patients’ interests first is hard won. We care about our patients and what they think of us. Everyday we try to do better and pay attention to any comments on our customer satisfaction surveys. Our hard work pays off in the testimonials we receive every week from delighted patients.

Often it’s what other people say that will convince you to go ahead with surgery and that’s why most of our patients come to us from word of mouth referrals.



Our People

At FOCUS we’re like a family, with surgeons David, Ali and Allon and a close knit team of professionals.

Our team will guide you through your laser vision journey. During your visits to our clinic you’ll get to know us by name and see familiar faces at every visit. From our receptionist, to our admin staff and surgeons we will always make you feel at home. Being a close team means that there is a constant amount of communication between us on all aspects of the clinic and this helps in many areas, not least in patient care and safety. We regularly have meetings to discuss cases, how we can improve and sometimes we even go bowling together!



Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee

We provide a comprehensive aftercare package so you will always feel taken care of and not simply discharged after your surgery.

We have found over the years that people do want total reassurance after their procedure and we are always on hand to help. When you have Z-LASIK distance vision correction at FOCUS we promise to take care of you for life, for free. (There are terms and conditions so please do call us on 0207 307 8250 for more information.)




We believe in reducing any risk to its lowest possible level and readily decline patients from surgery.

As well as outstanding outcomes we’ll also ensure that your unique procedure is as safe as possible. You’re not simply ‘another treatment’ but an individual with specific needs, wishes and expectations, your own prescription, a unique corneal and eye anatomy plus a multitude of other factors. We include all these elements to ensure your treatment has the very safest profile we can provide.

By coming to FOCUS we ensure that safety is the most important aspect of your surgery.


Ritu Jagpal Optometrist at FOCUS

Not all hard work! Ritu our Optometrist at one of our staff quiz evenings

If you would like to discuss anything you’ve read on our website or just have any questions about laser eye surgery in general then please do call us on 0207 3078 250. Or you might like to just book a free consultation – there’s no obligation on your part but you’ll get to meet the team and gain a little more insight into our clinic. You can book here online and we’ll take care of the rest – we look forward to seeing you!

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or why not book your consultation right now online?

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