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Astigmatism LASIK Surgery

It is a common misconception that laser eye surgery is not suitable for the treatment of astigmatism. In fact, laser or LASIK correction has been able to correct astigmatism for many years.

Astigmatism is a condition where the cornea (the clear window at the front of the eye) is not completely round but shaped more like a rugby ball. This creates distortion in the vision at all distances.

Astigmatism laser eye surgeries

Astigmatism can be found by itself, or more commonly together with short-sight or long-sight. When it is combined with these other refractive errors, it will increase the blur and distortion that the patient experiences.

Astigmatism LASIK correction surgery

Astigmatism laser eye surgery will create a rounder cornea, so eliminating the split focus and visual imperfections. The patient’s prescription, including any refractive errors, is entered into the laser where the computer will calculate the required number of spots and the location of the treatment spots in order to eliminate the astigmatism.

You will want to choose a surgeon who is skilled and experienced in astigmatism LASIK surgery, because surgical technique is very important in these cases. The refractive error must be accurately measured by the surgeon and the treatment performed so that the correction is correctly aligned on the eye.

The success of laser eye surgery, like the LASIK technique, for refractive errors has removed the need for older incision surgical techniques that were used to relax the corneal curvature.

The WaveLight eye laser used at Focus can correct up to 6 dioptres of a refractive error in a single treatment.

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How much does astigmatism laser eye surgery cost?

Refractive errors are often just a part of an eye condition – usually short or long sight. We treat short sighted, long sighted and presbyopic patients and offer a range of easy to understand prices. Please see here for more information on prices and finance options.