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Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is the second most popular eye procedure after cataract surgery. More than 100,000 laser eye operations are performed in the UK each year. There are almost 10,000,000 shortsighted people in the UK who suffer from shortsight, and around 6% of them have already opted to have laser eye surgery to correct their refractive error.

Laser eye surgery has two main types of procedure: 1) LASIK, and 2) PRK (essentially identical to LASEK).

LASIK is by far the most treatment worldwide. At Focus, 97% of all laser eye surgery procedures are Z-LASIK, our most advanced treatment.

World class laser eye surgery in London

Laser eye surgery in the UK

Z-LASIK is an evolution of  conventional LASIK, which has been around for more than 20 years. The results of LASIK has been getting better and better each year. At Focus, our commitment is to a 100% 20/20 or better success rate. In fact, with Z-LASIK most short-sighted patients treated by us see better than 20/20 following surgery. (What is 20/20 vision?)

The most common refractive eye operation, LASIK, involves two stages. The first is to create a very thin flap in the upper part of the cornea, to expose the solid structure of the cornea just beneath. Modern up-to-date clinics should use a femtosecond laser, such as the Ziemer LDV, to create the flap instead of using a blade. (Learn more about femtosecond lasers and precision) The second step is to reshape the inner part of the cornea using an excimer laser, such as the WaveLight Allegretto 400Hz system.



Surgery results can mean a liberation from glasses or contact lenses. This freedom is what patients comment on after having the operation. After often decades of use, patients are delighted with the outcome of the surgery at being able to dispose of their glasses.

With laser eye surgery in expert hands now having achieved superb results for the correction myopia (shortsight), most clinics are now focusing on laser eye treatment for presbyopia, which is the age-related loss of near vision. Focus offer laser Blended Vision to patients aged 45 or older, which gives excellent results for those people who need reading glasses or varifocals.

How much does laser eye surgery cost?

We offer a range of treatments from short sight, long sight and also Blended Vision for reading glasses in our state-of-the-art London clinic. Please visit our laser eye surgery prices page for more information. If suitable, you may wish to finance the surgery – please visit the pricing and finance section of the page linked to above for more information, as we have a variety of options. You might want to follow us on twitter or visit our Facebook page for more information (links at the bottom and top of each page).

Is laser eye surgery safe?

This is the question every single person considering life changing eye surgery will ask themselves. They will think, ‘Yes, the results are fantastic and I’ve watched hundreds of testimonials but will it be safe for me?’.

In expert hands and at a specialist clinic, the risk of complications is very low. But of course, laser eye surgery IS still surgery and you should approach having vision correction in the right manner.

We believe coming to a single specialist centre, owned by our Medical Director and chief surgeon, has advantages for you. You will see the same people each time and our surgeons are usually available immediately to see and chat with you if you have any concerns. There is no head office that we have to report to. All of our attention is on your clinical care, and offered by clinicians.

Laser eye surgery has been performed successfully on millions of people and been approved the NHS NICE report. But it always needs expert hands and knowledge, excellent technology and a committed team of people who actually care.

Treatment is now accompanied at Focus by a comprehensive aftercare program. We do not treat people and forget about them – we actively encourage them to remain in contact with us and the door is always open for any issues that arise. You will be in the best possible hands and will get to know members of our close knit team by name.

Please call us on 0207 307 8250 to discuss vision correction at Focus or to book a consultation.

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