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Presbyopia Treatment

Presbyopia is the age-related loss of close vision that comes along with age. Presbyopia treatment is now available using our advanced Z-LASIK Blended Vision procedure.

Our chief surgeon David Allamby performed the UK’s first Blended Vision treatments in the UK in 2003, before any other surgeon. He has led the way in correction for reading glasses for more than a decade.

To those people who suffer from presbyopia, the symptoms are very familiar – needing to hold objects further and further away before they come into clear focus. Reading a paper, mobile phone message, seen the number of who is calling you, or reading the ingredients on a tin in the supermarket all become gradually more difficult. Eventually, your arms are simply not long enough! From that point on reading glasses are required.

Example of how presbyopia can affect vision


Presbyopia laser surgery

To correct the effects of presbyopia, initially only a weak pair of magnifying glasses are required, for example +1.00 dioptres. Gradually you will need a stronger and stronger pair of glasses as you pass through your 50s, progressing to +2.5 or +3 by the age of 65 to 70.

Fortunately, presbyopia treatment is now available for most people.

The first option is blended vision using the advanced Z-LASIK laser eye surgery technique. In this case, one eye is weighted towards distance vision and the other eye is weighted towards near vision. Using advanced optimised optics the depth of field from each eye is increased allowing a more natural “blend” between the eyes.

Blended vision for presbyopia is different from monovision where each eye has a single point of focus, one near and one far. The increased depth of field with Z-LASIK blended vision allows each eye to have a range of focus and a significantly better visual experience for the patient.

The other treatment option for presbyopia is a multifocal lens implant (IOL) inside the eye. The surgical procedure is the same as for a cataract operation, but the lens implant has advanced optics allowing the patient to see both far and near.



How much does presbyopia treatment cost?

Due to the procedure being slightly more complex than LASIK for short sight our presbyopia treatment prices will reflect this. Please visit our prices page for more information. If suitable, you may wish to finance the surgery – please visit the pricing and finance section of the page linked to above for more information, as we have a variety of options.

Is presbyopia treatment safe?

This is the question every single person considering life changing laser eye surgery will ask themselves. They will think, ‘Yes, the results are excellent and I’ve watched hundreds of testimonials, but will it be safe for me?’.

As leading specialists in the field of presbyopia treatment and having performed the UK’s first Blended Vision procedures (in 2003), we have expert levels of experience that comes a superb safety record.

In expert hands, and at a specialist clinic, the risk of complications is very low. But of course, laser eye surgery IS still surgery and you should approach having vision correction in the right manner.

We believe coming to a single specialist centre, owned by our Medical Director and chief surgeon, has advantages for you. You will see the same people each time and our surgeons are usually available immediately to see and chat with you if you have any concerns. There is no head office that we have to report to. All of our attention is on your clinical care, and offered by clinicians.

LASIK has been performed successfully on millions of people and been approved the NHS NICE report. But it always needs expert hands and knowledge, excellent technology and a committed team of people who actually care.

Treatment is now accompanied at Focus by a comprehensive aftercare program. We do not treat people and forget about them – we actively encourage them to remain in contact with us and the door is always open for any issues that arise. You will be in the best possible hands and will get to know members of our close knit team by name.