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Short Sightedness Treatment

Shortsightedness is more accurately known as myopia. With shortsight, vision is best at short range, hence the name, so near objects such as text, print, and mobile phones are clear. The distance vision, however, is blurry making it difficult to watch television or a film, read subtitles or drive a car.

When someone suffers from shortsight, also known as nearsight in the United States, they will require corrective lenses, either spectacles or contact lenses. Such glasses or lenses will allow the distance vision to become clear.

Short Sightedness explained at FOCUS

What is short sightedness?

Myopia typically begins in the teenage years, and gradually progresses with worsening distance vision over the next 10 years. With higher levels of short-sight the condition may begin before the age of 10.

Previously, myopia would stabilise in the early 20s and the patient would no longer need regular increases in the strength of their glasses. In recent years, with much greater use of computer screens, mobile phones, and handheld devices, we are seeing myopia continue to progress through the 20s and even into the 30s. Some reports have even talked about an “epidemic of myopia”.

Prevalence of myopia

Shortsighted is much more common in East Asian countries than in the West. Approximately 23% of adults in the UK require glasses to myopia. In China, the prevalence of short site has been reported at between 40% and 60% of the adult population.

Laser surgery for short sightedness

Laser eye surgery for the correction of short-sight has now become commonplace. Focus clinics have targeted the best reported outcomes for treating myopia in the UK – 100% of shortsighted patients seeing 20/20 or better after having Z-LASIK eye surgery at our clinic. In fact, the great majority of our patients can see even better than 20/20. (What is 20/20 vision?)

How much does short sightedness laser eye surgery cost?

Over the past five years we have seen a huge increase in the amount of short sighted people visiting Focus for treatment. We also want to provide the most advanced treatment possible and have invested in the latest technology resulting in incredible outcomes after surgery for our ‘myopic’ or short sighted patients. Our prices have no hidden ‘extras’. If you want to finance the surgery we also offer finance options – please visit the pricing and finance section of this site for more information.

Is short sightedness laser eye surgery safe?

We have treated thousands of short sighted patients who now achieve incredible vision results, many people even surpass 20/20 vision and achieve 20/12 supervision! The one thing we are proud of at Focus is that our results are matched by an exemplary safety record – we are a small boutique clinic and take great care of all our patients who will usually know our team by their first names.