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As you may have read in our introduction, laser eye surgery has come a very long way in the past twenty five years. After much research and testing we carefully selected a combination of scanners, lasers and computers to match our commitment to a 100% 20/20 success rate, whilst ensuring the highest possible level of safety - Z-LASIK was the result.

Z-LASIK Clinic

Z-Lasik Eye Technology

Our Technology

Our Z-LASIK procedure involves the use of two lasers. The first (the Ziemer LDV) is used to create a very thin flap on the cornea (the clear part at the front of the eye). This is carefully lifted to one side by the surgeon and then the second laser (the WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q 400Hz) is then used to correct the vision. The flap is then folded back and the procedure is over within minutes.

When choosing a clinic the surgeon’s experience and team are one of the most important aspects to bear in mind, but additionally the choice of lasers used are crucial in obtaining excellent results.

We have outlined some of the equipment we use – if you have any questions please do call us on 0207 3078 250 or you can get us to call you back asap:

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WaveLight Allegretto 400Hz Eye-Q laser

The laser we use for the actual vision correction stage, after creation of the Z-LASIK flap, is the German-made WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q 400Hz excimer laser system. An excimer laser is unique in that it is known as a ‘cool’ laser – it does not burn or cut but adds enough energy to disrupt molecular bonds of surface tissue disintegrating them into the air in a tightly controlled manner known as ablation. Excimer lasers can remove minute layers of surface tissue with almost no heating or change to the remainder of the material which is left intact.

We chose the WaveLight system because it is one of the fastest lasers in the world, has multiple customised treatment options, and its unique PerfectPulse™ technology ensures safety and accuracy with outstanding visual results.


WaveLight Customised Treatment Options

The ability of the WaveLight to perform 4 customised treatment options means it offers unprecedented levels of custom control for patients. In layman’s terms, this means that we can achieve greater levels of accuracy for each patient than ever before, leading to better results.

  • Wavefront Optimised treatment
  • Wavefront Guided treatment
  • Topography Guided treatment
  • Custom-Q Guided treatment

Not all lasers can offer all these options. For a truly customised approach we feel it is important to be able to offer the right kind of correction for the right patient.

For most patients, Wavefront Optimised correction is the correct choice, removing less tissue than other options while giving the same high quality vision both on standard letter chart testing and high-order optical aberrations (HOAs). (What does this mean? Call us now on 0207 307 8250 for a full explanation.)
Perfect Pulse Laser Eye Surgery Technology

WaveLight systems apply PerfectPulse™ technology to ensure safe and precise performance even at it’s high 400Hz (400 pulses per second) speed.

 PerfectPulse simply means that every single laser pulse is completely controlled from its generation to the point when it contacts the cornea.

 Each ultra-small pulse is used to sculpt the corneal surface with the utmost precision. A typical LASIK procedure will use thousands of pulses to reshape your cornea, all within 5-15 seconds for most prescriptions.

In order to further enhance the safety and precision of the treatment, this technology uses advanced high-speed eye-tracking to follow the eye’s fastest movements and to ensure an accurate placement of each pulse on the cornea.

 During your treatment, the energy stability is precisely regulated based on a smart energy control program, which adjusts the energy levels to ensure that each spot creates the same accurate results.


Ziemer LDV Femtosecond Laser

The Ziemer Femto LDV femtosecond laser used at FOCUS is a next-generation machine. We were the first clinic in the UK to adopt the Ziemer when it was released and are proud to be at the leading edge of LASIK safety and UK refractive technology. In 2011 we were happy to announce that we were also the first UK clinic to purchase the new 2nd generation Ziemer laser.

The LDV is an advanced femtosecond laser. Based on the experience from millions of Z-LASIK procedures, Swiss-firm Ziemer have worked with their engineers to improve and optimise all the key components. Their unique high numerical aperture technology (what does this mean? – call us on 0207 307 8250) means a more finely focussed laser energy.

At Focus, we closely monitor and research our equipment and are always looking to innovate in order to provide the safest and best results for our patients.

The pulse rate of over 5 MHz (more than five million pulses per second) means the FEMTO LDV outruns its nearest runner-up by more than ten-fold. Precise, uniform flap thickness minimises risk and shorter procedure times mean safer surgery for our patients and rapid short-term visual recovery.

So why should you have Z-LASIK?

Leading LASIK surgeons worldwide use a femtosecond laser instead of a blade.

1. Safety – no blade means a safer treatment and eliminating the risk of certain complications that could occur with using a blade.

2. Strength – the LDV makes a very consistent thin flap leaving your cornea significantly stronger compared to a flap made by a mechanical blade. The mechanical devices tend to cut deeper and with significantly less accuracy than the new laser systems.

3. Accuracy – after using the LDV and folding the flap to the side, the corneal surface is very smooth and dry. This means your LASIK treatment will be more accurate, so giving you better vision.

How much does Z-LASIK cost?

At Focus we provide advanced treatment methods alongside stringent safety procedures and aftercare. Our prices are easy to understand, have no hidden ‘extras’. We also offer finance options for those wanting to proceed with treatment but spread the payments over time. For more information on our costs and finance packages please visit the pricing and finance section of this site.

Is LASIK safe?

Focus has made a commitment to a 100% 20/20 vision result or better for our patients. Our results for the correction of short-sight have exceeded our expectations. An independent clinical audit will soon be ready for publication and which will confirm our outstanding visual acuity results.

After pioneering treatments for many years the surgeons at Focus have now reached a point where not only is safety second nature it is an integral part of everything that happens in the clinic.

From the moment you arrive at your consultation and speak to one of our optometrists, right through to your comprehensive aftercare package, we endeavour to always consider safety above and beyond anything else. Whilst we are proud of our results, we are often more satisfied to discuss how patients feel at Focus and how much we can assure them of our devotion to patient safety and care.