November 19, 2019

West End Star Beverley Knight’s Vision Transformation

Having poor eyesight can impact your everyday life in so many ways. Simple tasks such as watching the TV, reading a book, even walking down the street can be blurry and disorientating.

For some people, glasses are the perfect solution for vision issues. For others, contact lenses are fine. However, there sometimes becomes a time where neither contact lenses nor glasses are suitable, as West End star Beverley Knight realised. Beverley is set to star in the West End production of The Bodyguard this summer and during her rehearsals realised that she couldn’t wear her glasses or lenses during her performance.

Beverley Knight’s Laser Eye Surgery

“In the Bodyguard, we have to recreate concert conditions in a few scenes and there’s always dry ice and smoke.

“As a contact lens wearer, I always thought, ‘No, please no!’”

Dry ice or indeed any smokey or dusty conditions tend to have a drying effect on your eyes. If you’re a contact lens wearer, the effects of this are 10 fold. Beverley realised that she could no longer wear her lenses on stage but soon started to fear for her safety due to poor vision.

Beverley explained of her fears of falling off stage: “Every night, when you’re on tour, you’re on a different stage – and different stages are wired differently. And the steps are in a different place.”

Beverley needed a more suitable solution for her poor sight and Dr David Allamby of Focus Clinic was able to lend a helping hand! Dr Allamby performed LASIK surgery on Beverley, which corrected her short and long sight vision issues.

Beverley Knight’s Vision Transformation

After having the surgery, Beverley said: “The results are incredible – at the first check I was reading beyond the line that was 20/20 vision. It’s amazing.

“Now, I can see as well, if not better, than anyone else.

“The difference it will make to me on stage – I’ll be, like, ‘Oh my god!’”

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