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Brian May

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Brian May, CBE is a famous singer, songwriter, astrophysicist and political and animal rights campaigner.

Brian is, of course, known world-wide a the guitarist in the legendary band Queen, and the composer of many of their most famous songs.

Brian is passionate about animal rights, most notably campaigning against culling of badgers and fox-hunting.

Brian’s LASIK Procedure

Brian came to see Dr Allamby after good friend Rick Wakeman recommended him highly. Rick had been treated by David some years earlier. Brian had started to notice that not only did he need reading glasses, but he was starting to struggle to recognise faces and see in the distance. Dr Allamby suggested LASIK could help restore his distance and intermediate vision, and reduce his reliance on glasses for reading and near tasks.

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'I am so pleased that I have been putting out the good word about David Allamby and his clinic'

Brian is delighted with the result of his treatment. Just 30 minutes after surgery, he could read the small 20/20 letters on the test chart.

Brian came to see Dr Allamby to have his distance vision corrected, to be able to see people’s faces properly again.

The procedure took just 10 minutes for both eyes and was performed under local anaesthesia using numbing drops. As a patient, Brian was very cool and calm, taking it all in his stride; he sat down afterwards with a cup of coffee, chatted with the team and 30 minutes later (after an eye check with Dr. Allamby) went off home.


About Brian May

Dr Brian May gained international fame as one of the founding members of rock band Queen in 1970. He has had a hugely successful career as a world-renowned guitarist and songwriter. He is also a Doctor of astrophysics and is a passionate campaigner for animal rights in the UK.

'David Allamby is a genius!'

Blended Vision

Do you find it hard to read menus in restaurants without putting on your reading glasses? It can be a hassle to not be able to read your text messages quickly when you’re out and about.

Treatment is now available for those who need glasses for reading. If you have always had good vision and now find yourself over 40 and needing reading glasses for close distances, or if you have been wearing glasses for distance vision, and now find you are losing your close up vision, you are likely to be developing presbyopia. This is simply an unavoidable condition where the eye’s ability to focus on near objects diminishes as we get a little older!

Learn more about presbyopia and reading glasses surgery.

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