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TV Presenter laura whitmore eyesight corrected by LASIK

Laura Whitmore

20/20 clinic

Laura Whitmore is a TV presenter, model, charity ambassador and one of the most in demand presenters working in TV today. Laura had put up with being short-sighted for many years, until it was interfering with her ability to see when on set.

Laura chose chief surgeon David Allamby to correct her vision with his advanced LASIK procedure.

Laura’s LASIK Procedure

Laura noticed that she was having trouble with her vision while working on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. She found that her prescription, although small, was causing her difficulty on set as the studio was so huge. She had problems reading the auto-cue and started to squint, not a great look for live TV.

Glasses are not an option for television studios as they reflect light and divert her attention from her natural beauty. She also tried contact lenses but they made her eyes dry. The solution? Refractive surgery.

Laura came to see Dr. David Allamby at Focus Clinic in March 2013, and he found her to be a great candidate for LASIK treatment. After just a few hours she could read a poster on the other side of her bedroom, and by later that day she had incredible vision. She has not looked back or squinted since!

laura whitmore eyesight corrected by LASIK
'Nice, clean, relaxed environment'

Laura is delighted with the result of her treatment. Just 30 minutes after surgery, she could read the small 20/20 letters on the test chart. One of the reasons why Laura chose Dr. Allamby as his surgeon is that our medical director has a 100% success rate for 20/20 vision for all common short-sighted prescriptions, including Laura’s. Dr. Allamby had also treated many celebrities.

The procedure took just 10 minutes for both eyes and was performed under local anaesthesia using numbing drops. As a patient, Laura was very cool and calm, taking it all in her stride; she sat down afterwards with a cup of coffee, chatted with the team and 30 minutes later (after an eye check with Dr. Allamby) went off home with her Mum who had flown in from Ireland especially for her daughter’ surgery.


About Laura Whitmore

Laura was born in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. She studied at Dublin University and started her broadcasting career as a researcher for radio. In 2008 she won a competitions to be the face of MTV Europe. She has since started her own clothing brand, is the spokesperson for the Because I Am A Girl charity campaign and has recently been announced as the face of Ponds Institute.


'I could read perfectly 10 minutes after!'

Being short-sighted

In common with over 10 million Britons, Laura suffered from myopia, the medical term for short-sight, together with some mild astigmatism. It typically begins between ages of 6-18 and progresses often until the 20s. Once stable, most people are eligible for surgery. A comprehensive screening process is necessary to exclude patients who may be at higher risk.

As with Laura, Dr. Allamby takes a very risk-averse approach and this has been rewarded with a 100% success rate for 20/20 vision for all typical short-sighted prescriptions.

After having LASIK advanced eye surgery at Focus, a technique pioneered in the UK by our founder and medical director Dr. David Allamby, Laura no longer needs glasses for anything.

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