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Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Approximately 7% of all shortsighted adults in the UK have now had their vision corrected with laser eye surgery. More than 100,000 laser eye procedures are carried out each year in the UK alone.

Denise Van Outen had laser eye surgery at FOCUS
Denise Van Outen throwing away her glasses after laser eye surgery at Focus

The remaining 93% of the population who have myopia (shortsight) have no doubt heard about the benefits of laser eye surgery, but have yet to make the decision to go-ahead and receive treatment. We know that the vast majority of these patients are interested in removing the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. The number one reason for hesitation to have treatment is the perceived laser eye surgery risks and the worries that ‘something’ may go wrong.

Risk of laser eye technology

Stories of patients having a complication, for example halos or glare at night, from earlier treatments during the 1990s still persist today, in the second decade of the new millennium, despite rapid advances in technology and safety. The public’s perception of modern laser eye surgery is about a decade behind reality. Laser eye surgery risks are in fact much lower than people think.

The reality of modern laser eye surgery

At Focus Clinics in London we use surgical skill and technology so advanced that 100% of our shortsighted patients now achieve 20/20 vision. In fact, 95% of our patients can see even better than 20/20 vision following laser eye correction. Indeed, almost half of these patients have “supervision” of 20/12. This extreme high level of sight is almost twice as good as 20/20, and equates to being able to read a car number plate at more than 200 feet.


It is this “perfect score” of 100% of shortsighted patients seeing 20/20 that reassures many patients to have laser eye surgery at Focus Clinics. It helps remove the feeling of “what if” when having their vision corrected, removing worries about laser eye surgery risks or complications of treatment.

The Lifetime Care Guarantee offered by Focus is also a great reassurance for anyone who undertakes to have laser eye correction. Anyone treated for their shortsight at our clinic in order to improve distance vision, and who finds that they need distance glasses once again in the future, if suitable can have a free laser eye enhancement at any point.


Does laser eye surgery wear off?

It is a common myth that the results of laser surgery where off over time. In fact, laser vision correction is a permanent treatment. It is possible however that someone’s myopia may get worse and, despite having a very stable laser eye treatment, the patient finds that the distance vision has become somewhat blurred once again.


The Lifetime Care Guarantee offered by Focus Clinics in London will still provide a free enhancement to boost the distance vision of such a patient who has had worsening of their myopia, even though the initial treatment was fully successful and permanent. This commitment to the patient’s vision and well-being is part of what makes Focus Clinics stand out from the crowd.