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Chris / Z-LASIK Blended Vision




In my mid forties it became apparent that I needed glasses for reading, I found it very difficult adapting to glasses and eight years on, decided it was time to get rid of them.

I had never heard of blended vision and didn’t know if it was even possible to have age related, laser eye surgery. Over the next six months I researched loads of websites and clinics and came across Focus Clinics by chance. I asked for their information pack and read various reviews on the clinic and surgeons. I called them to discuss the options and after a brief medical questionnaire they told me it was likely that I could have laser eye surgery. There was no pressure to book an appointment and a few days later, I called back to make an appointment.

My first consultation at the clinic lasted about an hour and half and was probably the most thorough eye test I had ever had. I was told at the end, I had two options but the best one for me was probably blended vision. The cost and the complete process was then explained in detail. I left the clinic with out any pressure. A few weeks later I booked my treatment for a months time and asked if David Allamby could perform the surgery.  I was offered the chance to return to the clinic to meet David and discuss any concerns the week before.

The day of my treatment was like all the rest, although I was extremely nervous the team made you feel very welcome and relaxed. After another final check I was ready, the whole laser process took around ten minute, I sat up after the procedure and was amazed how well I could already see and how little discomfort there was.  I returned the following day for a check up and could already see better than the day before with my glasses on.

I cannot recommend the clinic enough, if I had to do it all again, I would not hesitate in going back tomorrow.  David and all his team are extremely professional and absolutely amazing. I now have my eyes back again. Thank you so much.

Posted by admin, Tuesday 10th February 2015

Alex / Z-LASIK

Where do I start… My two brothers (Andrew and Kris) and I decided to have laser eye surgery – referring each other. Mine and Kris’ glasses prescriptions weren’t too bad (around -1.25) but it was bad enough with an astigmatism that I couldn’t see clearly without the need for glasses. Andrew was blind… well not really blind but his vision was a lot worse than ours (-6.0). After a lot of research we decided Focus Clinics was right for us. Even though we are from the North East we thought the travel and expense was worth it – our eye sight didn’t seem a sensible place to cut corners.

I felt that wearing glasses was restrictive. I didn’t like wearing them at all and I never got used to wearing them. I felt as though I couldn’t fully enjoy participating in sports and found them a real pain on holidays such as at the beach and going in the sea. Having had the surgery this is no longer an issue.

The surgery was a bit of a daunting experience but the expectation was worse than the reality. I couldn’t believe how quick the process was, the efficiency of the team really showed here which was reassuring.

We would say to anyone that is considering surgery to go for it, but do their research first! Chances are if they do they will end up here. All three of us wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Focus – we have all achieved better than 20/20 vision with no post surgery issues experienced.

Many thanks to all the team at Focus.

Posted by admin, Tuesday 20th January 2015

Poppy / Z-LASIK







After deciding I wanted laser eye surgery I went for consultation at several eye clinics. I picked Focus because the staff made me feel the most ease from my first consultation appointment and I never felt pressured into choosing them. I have been pleased with my Focus experience from start to finish. The friendly supportive staff have continued to keep me well informed throughout the process.

The procedure itself was conducted professionally and Mr. Allamby was incredibly thorough. It was much quicker than I expected (4.5 minutes per eye) and the results were instant! I experienced a gritty eye feeling for the rest of the day, but when I awoke the next day my eyes felt fine. It has already made a huge difference to my lifestyle, as a keen sports person it is great to be able to finally see the swimming pool! Waking up in the morning and not having to fumble for my glasses is still a surprise a month on!

I would recommend focus to anyone looking to have laser eye surgery. The staff made me feel confident and I would like to thanks them for making my experience so smooth and enjoyable. Thanks Focus!

Posted by admin, Thursday 8th January 2015

Gillian / Blended Vision


I can highly recommend the Blended Vision treatment at FOCUS.

My prescription was -1.75 (distance) and + 1.50 (near vision) – I have been wearing glasses since I was 22 and contact lenses for about 20 years. I was nervous but very keen to have the procedure done.

From start to finish the team at FOCUS come across as very professional but also warm and friendly and helpful and above all, very thorough.

FOCUS don’t do work that is unnecessary to do, so as I am in my 50′s where my near sight will continue to deteriorate over the next 5-8 years, they recommended that I only have my right eye operated on to improve my distance vision at this time. They explained that if I had the treatment on my left eye at this stage that I would only have to have the procedure repeated later in my 50′s and also assured me that operating on right eye would also allow me to have a better mid range which would help my near sight anyway.
This also meant that my recovery time would be quicker.

I met David Allamby on the day of the operation (I could have met him before but opted to meet him on the day). We had plenty of time together to review all my results and discuss the procedure in detail. He also explained that his percentages for eye correction are higher than his direct competitors (I believe he achieves 98% to 20/16 – which is better than 20/20 vision!- amazing!). He made me feel like I was in really safe hands and was sympathetic to my pre-op nerves.

The operation only took 3 minutes as I had only one eye treated. It didn’t hurt and I had 20/20 vision back within 5 minutes and took the train home. My eye was a little sore for the afternoon but I was able to watch TV and use my phone and iPad later that day.
The follow up care is very good, with plenty of checks and clear instructions for do’s and dont’s.

I am very pleased with the improvement to my distance vision and also how easily I have got used to blending the sight of both eyes for doing everything.

In summary I have been totally delighted by the whole process and I am currently recommending David and the team at FOCUS to all my friends who are considering laser treatment. It really is worth that little bit extra to know that you have the one of best surgeons in the world performing your operation.

Thank you David and all the team at FOCUS!

Posted by admin, Thursday 8th January 2015

Franca / Z-LASIK

I was recommended by a friend who had also had her eyes corrected through Focus, although I was still very nervous about making the decision after wearing glasses and contact lenses for over 30 Years,  after my consultation I was very satisfied  with the checks and friendly staff and therefore took the option to have my short sighted corrected.

The Team at Focus are excellent from Emma who took me through all the process to Lisa on reception who is always smiling and helpful on all my check ups to Hannah who took me through with her colleague and David Allamby who conducted the procedure.

I am very pleased with the First class service that you have provided, to a great team!
I would highly recommend Focus to any of my friends and colleagues as right from the start to the aftercare you are have been fantastic.

(I had my eyes done 3 Month’s ago 28/2/14)

Posted by admin, Tuesday 17th June 2014

How To Accentuate Your Eye Colour After Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery how to accentuate eye colour
People choose to have laser eye surgery for a variety of different reasons. To avoid the hassle of glasses and contact lenses, to gain freedom to fully enjoy sporting pursuits or to simply gain a confidence boost.

Whatever your motivation, you will probably find that you will be showing off your beautiful eyes for the very first time. It can be a little odd looking at your features without them being distorted by a chunky pair of glasses, so we’d like to give you some simple hints and tips on how to make your peepers really pop!

The iris is the coloured part of your eye. The very best way to accentuate your eyes is to embrace their natural colour. It is the amount of melanin in the iris, the same as the skin, that determines what colour your eyes will be. Human eye colour ranges from the darkest shades of brown through to pale blues, greens and greys, and choosing the right colour to wear with your eyes will make them shine.

For the gentlemen out there, this post is not just a makeup blog for the ladies as it also works with clothing. Tops, ties, hats and scarfs will all help to complement your eye colour.

Brown Eyes: Brown eyes are the most common colour and are prominent around majority of the world. They can range from very dark, almost black, through to lighter hazel shades. The best colours for brown eyes are earth tones such as taupe, olive green, gold, ochre or rust, these colours will compliment your eyes. However, wearing deep purples, aubergine and emerald greens will make your mysterious eyes really stand out.

Blue Eyes: Blue eyes are most commonly found in northern Europe, contain very little melanin. You may be surprised to hear that they aren’t actually blue at all but a lightish grey. The colour is created as shorter bluer wavelengths of light are reflected and scattered, thus giving the appearance of blue. It is also the way the sky gets its blue hue.

This means that the colour can vary in different lighting conditions. You can either choose to wear a blue colour as close to your eye colour as possible, although any shade of blue will work. Also creating contrast with your eyes makes them look vibrant, so wearing dark browns through to black will make your eyes noticeable.

Green Eyes: Green eyes are the rarest colour to find and also originate from northern europe. Like blue eyes, green eyes contain no green pigmentation, but are a mix of light light brown, amber with blue tones created by reflections of light. Similarly to blue eyes you can wear colours that are identical to your eye colour or contrast them with darker shades. However, with green eyes, wearing bright white will also make them sparkle.

Whatever your eye colour, the most important thing is that your eyes are healthy. If you don’t get enough sleep, drink too much alcohol and smoke, they will begin to look red and bloodshot. Let your eyes rest at night, drink lots of water to keep them hydrated and, if you need to, use lubricating eye drops to stop them getting dry. All these measures will keep your eyes looking bright and sparkly!

Posted by Emma Delgado, Monday 19th May 2014

The First Member of Your Focus Family – Meet Barbara

Laser eye surgery patient education counsellor

If you are thinking of Focus for your laser eye surgery, Barbara is probably the first person you will have contact with. She is our team Clinic Administrator and and we are lucky to have her as she provides a ‘Ray of Sunshine’ on a daily basis! Here’s a little more about her:

“This is actually my first job working in the laser eye surgery industry but I have worked in other clinics and have many, many years of providing exceptional customer service in various environments. There are various aspects to my role including ordering stationery, post management, and generally supporting my colleagues in any way that I am needed. The main part of my job is looking after the new enquiries both online and on the telephone, and this is really the bit that I enjoy the most! I really enjoy speaking to people on the phone, face to face is really good too, answering questions and providing information on the services we offer at Focus. I love seeing happy smiling faces of patients who have had treatment and those who have just booked their treatment date!!! There is huge window to the ‘Hub’ of the Clinic, so patients can see the team ‘working hard’ and we can wave ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ and put a face to your names!

You may have seen that we get a lot of celebrities coming through our doors, such as Sue Barker, Laura Whitmore, Matthew Mcfadyen and many more. It is my job to coordinate appointments for VIP’s, working around often hectic filming and travel schedules. It can be difficult, but it’s no different to how I treat every one of our patients, I believe every single person deserves five star service! You may have seen written and video testimonials on our website? It’s me who arranges the filming and I am also on the other side of the screen. It’s really just a chat and a gossip with a friend, I love to hear about each person’s experiences, but I will have to discuss laser eye surgery at some point!

The most challenging part of my job is keeping track of what I’m doing – as the phones are constantly ringing and I always aim to answer on the first ring if possible, but I haven’t finished processing the paperwork for the previous call!!! It’s all part of the job though and I LOVE IT! Focus is a FANTASTIC place to work! It’s a great team and a lovely working environment. It’s a pleasure to come in to work everyday! Everyone including the surgeons are approachable and highly knowledgeable and experienced in their respective field. Lot’s of laughter, literally everyday…we work really hard too – EVERYDAY!!!!

If anybody is thinking of having laser eye surgery I would advise them to do lots and lots of research, and then choose Focus. Be calm, but excited, don’t worry about anything, you are in the best hands. Don’t worry about asking further questions, no question is too stupid or insignificant – If it matters and it is important to you then it is important to us – because at Focus we really care and we genuinely want the very best for you as we do for all our patients – you are now part of our FOCUS FAMILY!!!”


Posted by Emma Delgado, Thursday 10th April 2014

A New Type of Eye is Discovered

A new type of eye is discovered

A new type of eye has been discovered in a fish that dwells in the deepest parts of the ocean around Australia and New Zealand. The Glasshead Barreleye Fish lives in almost complete darkness, and therefore has to maximise the little light that can be detected.

The fish appears to have 2 sets of eyes, but in fact it is one pair that are split in two. The first set point upwards to see potential prey or predators that are silhouetted from light above. The second section of the eye has mirror like retinas that are capable of detecting bioluminescent flashes that are created by other deep sea creatures around them. These silvery looking eyes are able see both to the sides and below, giving the fish a full 360 degree field of vision! The reflector eyes have a conventional lens at the top, but have a curved mirror formed of guanine crystals which can reflect light onto a second retina.

Reflector eyes have previously been found in invertebrates such as crustaceans, but never previously in a fish. The broad field of vision created is a great advantage at depths, not only in helping to find food, and mates, but also in avoiding becoming prey themselves.

Many animals have developed extraordinary eyes in order to cope with challenging environments. The colossal squid also lives at extreme depths and has the largest eyes ever recorded, measuring in at about 30-40 centimetres, again presumably to capture as much light as possible. The chameleon can swivel its eyes independently, one used for watching for prey, the other for avoiding predators. Goats can see behind them! You can never surprise a goat.

Did you know that sharks eyes are the most similar to humans? Apart from being able to roll their eyes into the back of their heads to prevent them being damaged in attacks. Its a weird and wonderful world out there!

Posted by Emma Delgado, Tuesday 8th April 2014

Smart Phones become Eye-Phones

Adaptor for smart phone to assist with eye examinationsResearchers at Stanford University have developed two adaptors for smartphones that will allow the phones to take high quality images of both the front and the back of the eye.

Currently these pictures need to be taken by a camera that is attached to a slit lamp. The slit lamp is a very expensive piece of equipment used to look into the anterior of the eye and can cost up to tens of thousands of pounds, is time consuming, inconvenient and can only be used by trained medics. The new adaptors will mean that taking the images will be much much easier, will be more accessible and will be able to be used by anybody, not just trained professionals. Due to the ease of use and the accessibility the hope is that it will increase access to eye care for those that do not have ophthalmologists near by, for example people who live in developing countries in rural areas. The adaptors will attach to the phone, and a high quality image can be taken, this image can then be uploaded straight to an ophthalmologist who would be able to give a remote diagnosis and treatment advice. Currently to get advice about an eye condition the would just have to use words to describe the symptoms, but a detailed photograph will make the diagnosis and treatment much more accurate, after all “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

The adaptors are currently being tested and evaluated, and will hopefully be available for purchase in the near future. A team from the University of Melbourne in Australia have already used the two adapters on a medical mission trip to Ethiopia and have stated that they were excited about the results.


Posted by Emma Delgado, Thursday 3rd April 2014

Why Is There A ‘Burning’ Smell During Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery at Focus

When considering laser eye surgery you will likely have done lots of internet research or discussed with friends that have already had the treatment. You may also have read comments such as “I could smell burning during the treatment!”.

No wonder many people are put off laser treatment before they even have had a consultation, it really does sound pretty scary! We would like to take this opportunity to do a little bit of mythbusting, and provide some reassurance about this aspect of refractive surgery.

To begin with we would like to reassure you that there is NO burning involved. The excimer laser is so precise that it can split apart molecules of collagen, releasing carbon atoms into the air. The smoke-like smell that some patients notice for a few seconds during the procedure is from these carbon atoms. And normal smoke from burning smells as it does exactly because it also contains carbon atoms.

So with excimer laser treatment, we could say there really is ‘smoke without fire’. You can smell the carbon but without heat or fire – a myth from a popular saying has been busted!

At the beginning of your treatment the advanced Ziemer LDV femtosecond laser will create an extremely precise thin flap which is then lifted to reveal your cornea. The actual vision correction part of your treatment will then take place using the Wavelight Allegretto 400 excimer laser.

The vision is corrected by a process called ‘ablation’, which is the surgical removal of tissue from the cornea. The excimer laser is so accurate that it can remove minute layers of surface tissue (just one fifth of a thousandth of a millimetre!) with no change or damage to the tissue left behind. In fact the laser is so accurate that it can split a single red blood cell into six equal pieces!

The Wavelight Allegretto is know as a ‘cool beam’ laser meaning that there is no heat applied to the eye at all. Instead the concentrated light from the laser disrupts the bonds between the molecules and fibres in the cornea that hold them together, and without these cementing bonds the fibres are removed in a very controlled and precise manner.

We hope that this information relieves any concerns that you may be feeling, and gives you the confidence to come and see us at Focus to find out all the facts!

Posted by Emma Delgado, Tuesday 25th March 2014