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July 22, 2016

FOCUS Clinic awarded top spot for “top rated eye treatment companies” on Trustpilot

At FOCUS, we’re really proud to announce that we have been awarded the ‘best in category’ badge by Trustpilot: the respected and independent review company.

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the most iconic sunglasses of all time
June 26, 2016

The 30 Most Iconic Sunglasses of All Time

Monday the 27th June is National Sunglasses day, so we thought we'd take a look back at the most iconic sunglasses (and their wearers)!

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misleading prices of laser eye surgery
June 21, 2016

The Misleading Prices of Laser Eye Surgery

Adverts can be confusing, especially when it comes to pricing, so when we hear of low price laser eye surgery is it really what it seems or is it too good to be true?

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common prescription drugs that can damage your eyes
May 13, 2016

10 Common Prescription Drugs That Can Damage Your Eyes

10 Common Prescription Drugs That Can Damage Your Eyes For many years there has been speculation over the side effects of major drugs around the world. Whilst adverse reactions are rare, they can and do appear for some of us, especially when drugs are taken for extended periods of time. The below common medications are […]

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high cholesterol affects vision
May 13, 2016

How High Cholesterol Affects your Eyes

Most people are aware that high cholesterol causes health issues, but many aren’t aware of the impact high cholesterol can have on your vision.

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common habits that damage your eyes
May 13, 2016

Common Habits That Can Damage Your Eyes

"Don't sit so close to the'll ruin your eyes!" Pretty much all of us will have had this shouted at us as kids! And to be fair to our concerned parents, there used to be some truth in the saying!

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what is astigmatism
April 21, 2016

Smoking Yourself Blind

It’s common knowledge that smoking is heavily linked to cancer and respiratory problems. What a lot of smokers don’t realise is that smoking is also linked to various eye conditions.

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April 14, 2016

West End Star Beverley Knight’s Vision Transformation

There sometimes becomes a time where neither contact lenses nor glasses are suitable for vision correction, as West End star Beverley Knight realised.

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April 07, 2016

LASIK vs LASEK / PRK Eye Surgery

The comparison chart below will help inform you of the differences between LASIK and traditional LASEK / PRK eye surgeries, as well as provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of each type of surgery. What type of surgery is right for me? Although LASIK is a more popular choice, the type of surgery that’s […]

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cataract surgery advances
February 29, 2016

Cataract Symptoms

Cataracts can develop over months or more commonly years and initially they may present no symptoms.

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contact lens problems
February 04, 2016

Contact lens problems and how to fix them

Serious problems with contact lenses are thankfully rare. However they can crop up when the recommended hygiene procedures aren’t adhered to, or when contact lenses are not ordered through a registered optician.

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refractive lens exchange cost
February 04, 2016

Refractive lens exchange cost

The typical Refractive Lens Exchange cost is £5400 for complete treatment to both eyes, using a standard monofocal lens. This includes your FREE initial consultation and all post surgery appointments and eye drops. If you are found suitable at your initial assessment, a second consultation with your treating surgeon will be arranged and costs £100.

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