Month: September 2015

Laser Eye Surgery Safety

What Eye Tests Are Needed Before Laser Eye Surgery?

You will have a comprehensive set of scans and tests at Focus Clinic before you meet your specialist. These eye tests give a wealth of data on your eye health and vision, and help ensure you are a safe candidate to undergo laser eye surgery. The tests performed before the laser eye treatment will include: examinations …

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Choosing The Right Clinic

Does LASIK wear off?

Does LASIK wear off? What do we know about long-term effects of LASIK? It’s been around 25 years – is that really enough time to discern long-term effects? Yes, it would appear so. There are rare changes that have been observed up to 2 years after treatment (and which are treatable), otherwise we haven’t seen any other effects, …

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Age 31 to 40 and driving glasses

Those in their 30s who need glasses for short-sight, with or without astigmatism, are the largest group seeking laser eye surgery. They usually wear glasses or contact lenses throughout the day, or sometimes just for driving and watching TV or a film if the myopia is mild.

Age 18-30 and reading glasses

The most common reason for vision issues for people from 18-30, who need glasses for reading (and who may wear glasses full time) is: Hyperopia, also known as long-sight / longsighted You may also have astigmatism, either alone or combined with long-sight How does hyperopia/long-sightedness develop? According to the National Eye Institute, hyperopia develops in …

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The Common Cause of People Aged 18-30 Needing Driving Glasses

More and more people aged 18-30 are being prescribed glasses for driving from the prolonged use of technology such as computers, mobile phones and other gadgets. The most common reasons for those age 18-30 and need glasses for driving and other distance vision problems, or who wear glasses full time are because they either suffer …

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