Month: April 2016

Smoking Yourself Blind

It’s common knowledge that smoking is heavily linked to cancer and respiratory problems. What a lot of smokers don’t realise is that smoking is also linked to various eye conditions, some of which can lead to total blindness. It’s strongly recommended that you have regular eye checks whether you’re a smoker or not, however it’s …

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Beverly Knight Laser Eye Surgery

West End Star Beverley Knight’s Vision Transformation

Having poor eyesight can impact your everyday life in so many ways. Simple tasks such as watching the TV, reading a book, even walking down the street can be blurry and disorientating. [toc]For some people, glasses are the perfect solution for vision issues. For others, contact lenses are fine. However, there sometimes becomes a time …

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LASIK vs LASEK / PRK Eye Surgery

The comparison chart below will help inform you of the differences between LASIK and traditional LASEK / PRK eye surgeries, as well as provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of each type of surgery.