LASIK Blended Vision Treatment

Our chief surgeon David Allamby performed the UK’s first Blended Vision treatments in the UK in 2003, before any other surgeon. He has led the way in correction for reading glasses for more than a decade.

To those people who suffer from presbyopia, the symptoms are very familiar – needing to hold objects further and further away before they come into clear focus. Reading a paper, mobile phone message, seen the number of who is calling you, or reading the ingredients on a tin in the supermarket all become gradually more difficult. Eventually, your arms are simply not long enough! From that point on reading glasses are required.

To correct the effects of presbyopia, initially only a weak pair of magnifying glasses are required, for example +1.00 dioptres. Gradually you will need a stronger and stronger pair of glasses as you pass through your 50s, progressing to +2.5 or +3 by the age of 65 to 70.

fortunately, presbyopia treatment is now available for most people.

LASIK Blended Vision allows us to correct the symptoms of presbyopia and boost clear reading vision, all using our advanced A-LASIK procedure, the same approach used for our remarkable 100% 20/20 success rate for all common short-sighted prescriptions.

Laser Blended Vision Treatment

Laser eye surgery for patients who need reading glasses is carried out using a technique known as Blended Vision, pioneered in the UK by David Allamby. With Blended Vision, one eye (usually the dominant eye) is treated to correct your distance vision and the other eye is treated to correct your near vision. The brain then blends these two images together to give you clear vision for both near and in the distance.

Around 90% of presbyopic patients are suitable for our Blended Vision option, which will be determined at your consultation. Unfortunately nearly 10% of patients are not eligible due to limitations in how some brains are wired, being unable to blend the images from each eye together. At the consultation, we can easily screen out those patients who will not like Blended Vision with a simple lens test.

For those who have received Blended Vision, if necessary, the reading eye can be retreated in later years to keep up with any age-related changes.

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Focus Clinic has a remarkable 100% success rate for 20/20 vision. We know of no other clinic that has matched these results. There is a big difference between, for example, 98% and 100% success, especially if you are in the 2%.

10 year guarantee

Your 10 Year Guarantee means you can return at any time if you have additional questions on the quality of your vision. If you have distance vision correction for short-sight then any repeat laser eye treatments to correct a return of myopia in the first 10 years are included free of charge.*

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We have the highest trust rating of any ‘eye treatment’ rated clinic, according to independent review site TrustPilot. With an outstanding 9.9 out of 10, when it comes to your eyes, choose the clinic that actual patients trust the most.

*Terms and conditions apply, excludes any age-related changes and conditions unrelated to the primary treatment

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Fantastic not having to scramble around in the morning.


I can highly recommend the Blended Vision treatment and Focus.


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