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Bionic Lens…You’ve never seen anything like it

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We all crave 20/20 vision and envy those that have it, but is it a thing of the past as technology finds something even better with the Bionic Lens?

A Canadian company called Ocumetics Technology Corporation are in the stages of clinically testing their Bionic Lens. The device replaces the natural human lens with a new lens, which could turn our glasses into antiques and push our vision beyond our imaginations.

Bionic Lenses: Chance To Change Your Vision Forever

Look into the distance

Imagine seeing the smallest of details from 30 feet away instead of 10, for example letters on a sign or a dial on a clock? Pretty cool stuff and definitely possible with the bionic lens.  Whilst our natural human lens limits us in how far we are able to see, this new piece of technology will remove this problem entirely.

Say goodbye to strained eyes

The Bionic Lens uses 1/100 the amount of energy that our natural lens does.  This means strained eyes will no longer be a thing, as we will be able to focus on something for as long as we like without issue or damage to our sight!

Prevent Cataracts and Glaucoma

This exciting piece of technology will ensure that cataracts in the eye no longer occur.  Cataracts result in cloudy vision when the human lens becomes less transparent.  This innovation is literally paving the way to clear vision.

Interestingly, the surgery undertaken for the Bionic Lens would have the same tools and techniques as the cataracts procedure. Futurism have quoted that cataract surgery is “the most common and successful procedure in medicine”, so there is real hope for this new piece of innovation.

Another benefit of this techy lens is its ability to prevent glaucoma, described by the NHS as an eye condition where the optic nerve, which connects your eye to your brain becomes damaged. Glaucoma can be caused when a cataractous lens releases toxic substances into the chamber of the eye.

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What are the possibilities with the Bionic Lens?

Bionic Lens Possibilities
  • Installing a projection system that allows you to view your smartphone screen through your Bionic Lens
  • Sharing your perspective with another person who also has a Bionic Lens
  • Installing a system that allows for slow drug delivery inside the eye

Before we get too carried away…what are the limitations of the Bionic Lens?

They Can’t Solve It All

Unfortunately the Bionic Lens won’t be able to cure everything, for example color blindness, cloudy corneas and torn optic nerves.

Cost Of Bionic Lenses

Each lens is expected to cost $3,200, and this is without the cost of surgery! With time it is likely to become cheaper but to start it will not be affordable to many people.

Unfair Visual Advantage

Close up of a woman's eye

As not everyone will be able to afford this supersight technology, one of the questions these innovators need to address is how fair is it if some people have significantly better vision than others with the Bionic Lens?

It may have its limitations at the moment, but the Bionic Lens has the potential to change the world as we see it.  Question is, are you ready to take your sight to the next level?

About the Author

Mr David Allamby is the founder and medical director of Focus Clinic - the leading provider of laser eye surgery in London. Focus’ commitment is to be the #1 clinic for vision outcome results with 100% of patients achieving 20/20 vision or even better. He is one of a limited number of UK surgeons who work in laser refractive surgery full-time.


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