January 23, 2019

10 Most Common Places People Lose Their Glasses

While there are many good reasons why people opt for laser eye surgery, some still choose to stick with a lifetime of corrective eyewear after weighing up the relative costs.

Losing your glasses, however, has to be the most frustrating part of it all. 

In fact, back in 2016 research by a UK name tag manufacturer found that eyeglasses were the fourth most commonly lost item by Britain’s adults (after keys, phones and pens).

The 10 Most Common Places To Lose Your Glasses: 

1. At Home

By far the most frequent place to lose your glasses is also the most familiar, and the one where you spend the most time. We’re not sure whether that makes perfect sense, or none at all…

2. On Public Transport

Limited personal space and an irresistible compulsion to read/text message/daydream on short journeys is a potent combination…

3. At The Gym

Popped your glasses on top of the locker for ‘safe keeping’? Chances are they might even be safe from YOU up there…at least until you remember to go back for them, that is.

4. On The Beach

Because if anything is going to get accidentally buried, it’s going to be something small, lightweight, and perilously close to the edge of your towel.

5. In Taxis

More storage spaces, more problems – that’s assuming you didn’t simply leave them on the seat or dashboard, of course!

6. At Hotels

So many bags to check, so little time to check out. Something’s got to give.

7. In A Bar Or Restaurant

Taking them on and off to read menus, and topping up the wine in between? A sure-fire recipe for eyewear-based disaster.

8. At Work

So, er…which desks did you swing by this morning? And who exactly handles lost property around here anyway?

9. Down The Back Of The Sofa

On the upside, it’s often amazing what else you can find down there.

10. Always The Last Place You Look

Ok, yes – by definition, you’ll pretty much always find anything in the ‘last place you look’. But the sheer range of bizarre and mystifying places your glasses can end up in is mind-boggling. Prepare to be frustrated, and often!


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