Loved up? Here’s how your eyes are giving it away


loveLove makes the world goes round and whilst we’ve all heard the saying that the eyes are the window to the soul, did you know they are also the passage to our hearts? As many of us celebrated Valentine’s Day this week, what better way to find out how much we can give away just by looking at someone.

Our eyes are one our most important and basic means of communication. In conversation with others, we use our eyes as a way of getting feedback from one another. For example, people tend to look up at the end of utterances, as our eyes hand over the conversation for a response. There are many different ways we communicate through our vision to express our thoughts, feelings and emotions, sometimes without us even realising!


So whilst we can flash warning signs to those that attempt to interrupt us, and show affection to others that makes us laugh, our eyes also unveil one of the most complex and unexplainable feelings known to mankind.

That’s right, the ‘L word’. embarrassed boy with rose

We’ve found out the top giveaways to watch out for if someone is in love. If you catch someone looking at you with the following eye symptoms, watch out! You may well have found your Mr or Mrs Right!

Pupil dilation

pupil dilationYour pupils are the openings at the centre of your irises, which are the coloured section of your eye, and are what control the contraction and dilation of your pupil. It’s the iris muscles that create the fluctuating effect on your pupils, which is ultimately controlled  by the autonomic nervous system, a system also responsible for uncontrollable reactions like heart rates and goose bumps.

Whilst many of us know our pupils change size in reaction to exposure to light, they can also change in size when someone is romantically interested. According to The Chicago Tribune, research by the University of Chicago reveals that if someone is looking at something or someone they like, their pupils will dilate without them even realising! If you’re not good at reading what others are thinking, especially someone you are attracted to, watch out for their pupils.

friendly chatNever underestimate the power of eye contact

Looking into someone’s eyes is so powerful it could even be the solution to a long and happy relationship. Prolonged eye contact is believed to release phenylethylamine, the chemical in our bodies responsible for feelings of attraction. It’s also associated with the love chemical, oxytocin.

A famous experiment by Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin showed that couples who were deeply in love after several years looked at each other 75% of the time while talking versus the average 30-60% of the time.

Other signs to watch out for if somebody has caught the love bug

  • Shining eyes – did you know that being in love can actually make your eyes shine? This occurs as your eyes become more moist in the presence of a loved one, making them appear shiny in the reflection of the light
  • Uneven eye contact distribution – if you’re in a large group and somebody is giving you the lion’s share of their eye contact, chances are they’re interested. Watch out for body language too as people that are attracted to one another tend to position themselves in the direction of their love interest

With these tips in mind, you’ve got nothing stopping you from finding your perfect partner. So what are you waiting for? Go find the one that catches your eye!

love in the rain

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By: David

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