June 15, 2017

Will my eyes change colour with laser eye surgery?

The short answer is No – Lasik / Lasek Won’t Change Your Eyes Colour

Your eyes will be just the same colour after treatment as before because the laser only affects the cornea, which is the clear window at the front of the eye. The treatment only affects the curvature of the front of the eye, and no energy passes past the top layers of the cornea.

Your eye colour comes from your iris, which lives inside your eyes and behind the cornea. It is not affected by laser vision correction in any way.

Your eyes may appear to be more open and clear, as some people with a refractive error can narrow their eyelids together (often called ‘squinting’) to improve the clarity of vision through a pin-hole effect.

A New Laser Might Be Able To Change Eyes Colour

There is a laser in development that can change your eye colour! It is designed to change brown or black eyes to blue, or even possibly green. It is being developed by Stroma Medical and is currently in clinical trials. You can learn more about this new procedure here.

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