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Laser sight correction in 2017 has taken clinical outcomes to a new level, with world-renowned specialist surgeons at Focus Clinic again being at the vanguard of technology, innovation and vision results. It’s an exciting time for anyone thinking of refractive surgery, as Focus can provide outstanding outcomes combined with very high levels of safety.

Our exemplary results, where 100% of short-sighted patients achieve 20/20 or better after eye surgery at Focus Clinic, remains one of the best outcomes worldwide for a specialist vision centre. You can learn more about what these numbers mean under information about our results.

We will continue to lead the way in ethical vision treatment where the patient is at the heart of all we can provide, adding to the many thousands of Focus patients who now see clearly without glasses.

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Laser procedures are now safer, faster and more accurate than ever before. More than just words, as we at Focus Clinic have put our own family and friends through the process, without any hesitation.

Our chief surgeon’s wife, brother and other family members have all dispensed with their glasses after A-LASIK at Focus Clinic.

We demand the best for our friends and family and of course for all of our patients. We only choose advanced and proven technologies, lasers and scanners, and our results are borne out of this attention to detail.

The achievement of 100% of our A-LASIK myopic patients (for all common prescriptions) being able to see with 20/20 vision is proof of our performance and clinical care.

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